10 Reasons To Not Get Plastic Surgery

Tori Amos. Yes, you heard me right.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found the question has started to come up more and more often: to get plastic surgery or to not get plastic surgery?

I’ve been asked which side I fall on regarding the question – the side of the plastic surgery yays or the plastic surgery nays – and honestly, I’m noncommittal. A lonely little in-between, as it were. Because while plastic surgery is something I wouldn’t have ever dreamed I’d consider back in my 20s – hell, even through most of my 30s – now that I’ve crossed the 40-year-old barrier, the idea seems less and less repugnant. This softening of my view on plastic surgery could likely be measured in direct correlation to the sagging and wrinkling of my own aging, falling-into-decreptitude-ish body. With each year, a new wrinkle/bulge/sag (or several) appears, and each year I become less and less sure of my formerly militant anti-plastic surgery stance as a result.

And while I’ve seen a few people – celebrities, mostly – get good results from plastic surgery, we all know there’s a terrible dark side, and real risk involved. Beyond the possible surgical complications (including death–which is, I think you’d agree, QUITE the complication), how many times have you looked at the “work” a celeb has had done and thought to yourself, “CONGRATULATIONS! You just ruined your own face, aka YOUR MONEY MAKER, STUPIDHEAD!”? Quite a few times, right? And that’s because the truth is that plastic surgery is more art than it is science. And great artists are hard to come by – let alone afford.

Sadly, some stars find this out the hard way, and are forced to live with the consequences forever. Here are ten celebrities whose unfortunate plastic surgery results might serve to give those of you thinking of going under the knife for vanity’s sake serious pause:

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  • Melanie Griffith 1 of 9
    Once a natural beauty with a lot of spunk, Melanie's plastic surgery has somehow had the opposite of the intended effect and made her look older than her actual years. She should ask for her money back, IMHO.
  • Donatella Versace 2 of 9
    This doesn't even look like the same person, does it? Donatella now sports the classic Plastic Surgery Joker Smile, and is, in my opinion, much worse for it.
  • Tori Amos 3 of 9
    Two words: Kabuki Mask. (Seriously, how was she not PERFECTLY LOVELY before? HOW?)
  • Rose McGowan* 4 of 9
    For no apparent reason that I can tell, Rose decided at some point that her entire face needed a major overhaul. This is the result. Why someone as naturally beautiful as she was would do this literally boggles my mind. [*ETA: It seems Rose's plastic surgery was NOT vanity-related - she was in a car crash and needed reconstructive surgery. Thanks to JLJ for the correction!]
  • Meg Ryan 5 of 9
    I have a lot of personal angst over Meg Ryan's transformation from adorable Girl Next Door to freakish clown-alien. This kind of says all I have to say. SIGH. (Why, Meg, why?!?)
  • Lisa Rinna 6 of 9
    Her whole face looks substantively different, but those lips... ugh. How could anyone see that as an improvement?
  • Jocelyn Wildenstein 7 of 9
    Wildenstein (aka "The Lion Queen," "The Cat Woman," "The Bride of Wildenstein") - a New York socialite - spent over $4M on extensive plastic surgery to make her face look like this (whatever "this" is). I'll just let you mull that over in your head for a while. FOUR. MILLION. DOLLARS.
  • Janice Dickinson 8 of 9
    The World's First Supermodel (at least according to her) was once fresh and gorgeous-looking. Now... not so much. She now sports the Lips As A Flotation Device Look - another common plastic surgery faux pas.
  • Carrot Top 9 of 9
    My friend Stacy described Carrot Top as now looking "like the Incredible Hulk mated with Little Orphan Annie." BINGO.


What about you guys? Would YOU consider plastic surgery? If so, what would you have done? If not, why wouldn’t you do it?


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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