10 Reasons We Love Gallery Posts

We love blogging. But the only thing we love even more than that? Blogging about blogging.

In our arduous, diligent 14 months of online writing, we’ve noticed Dear Net Citizens, that people deeply enjoy reading lists and gallery posts. Why else would so many writers on the Internet subject their audiences to this style of post? Huh, WHY?

Sure, websites like are famous for their intense animalistic love of numbered lists and galleries, but we at have never used them on our site; we’re virginal if you will.

Well, it’s official. We love galleries so much, we’re getting married to them, boys and girls.

So, here’s our love letter to the most sought-after and entertaining stylization of web authorship ever devised. It’s an ode to Gallery Posts. We present to you our…

Top 10 Reasons We LOVE Gallery Posts!

  • 1. Backseat Drivers 1 of 11
    1. Backseat Drivers
    It gives an opportunity for people to point out all the things you missed out on in your gallery!
  • 2. Boosting Job Numbers – 2 of 11
    2. Boosting Job Numbers -
    Galleries provide gainful employment for monkeys who use typewriters.
  • 3. Snark 3 of 11
    3. Snark
    Quippy little captions belong on the Internet. Just ask any ol' Internet meme.
  • 4. Sex! Sex! Sex! 4 of 11
    4. Sex! Sex! Sex!
    You get the live pageviews sex show! For free, and without worry of any communicable disease.
  • 5. Peer Pressure 5 of 11
    5. Peer Pressure
    Everybody else is doing it!
  • 6. Literacy 6 of 11
    6. Literacy
    No one really reads anymore, they just look at the pictures. Plus, paragraphs are for smart people and owners of electronic book readers. You didn't even read this caption, did you? Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
  • 7. SERIOUSLY 7 of 11
    EVERYBODY ELSE IS DOING IT! Image courtesy of YoungManBlog
  • 8. Authority-ism-ness 8 of 11
    8. Authority-ism-ness
    Lists make things seem important. And important things are just better. Image courtesy of Wikimedia
  • 9. Easy Peasey 9 of 11
    9. Easy Peasey
    Writing is HARD. C'mon! Give us a break. Oh thanks, Gallery Post, you just did. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
  • 10. Kittens! 10 of 11
    10. Kittens!
    Who could deny the mighty power of kittens? No one.
  • 11. Counting Skills 11 of 11
    11. Counting Skills
    Lists are also good for re-enforcing basic counting skills. This list actually goes to eleven.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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