10 Signs That You’re a Car-Parent

When the kids go back to school it means going back to running from one place to another. In my case, as is the case of thousands of parents, it also means spending too much time in a car. Most of the time, driving, but sometimes, just waiting. And waiting. And more waiting.

I have turned carpool time into useful time by reading books, catching up on emails or even writing blog posts. It lessens my frustration with the time spent waiting in line. This week, I was so productive (or bored, depends on how you want to look at it), I even came up with a list of signs you are a car-parent.

Forget room parents, helicopter parents and extreme parents. The parents of today are car-parents. We depend on our cars not only to take us from point A to point B, but also to provide us a climate-controlled haven, sustenance (snacks, anyone?), a changing room (especially useful when kids need to go directly to dance or sports practices), a place to nap (hey, we get tired of waiting in the car!) and even entertainment (satellite radio, for example). Some might say it is tragic, but I find it quite funny. It might be that carpool has already made me so crazy that I can find humor in this crazy situation, but at least it’s healthier than screaming in frustration.

In case you are waiting for your child somewhere today, check out my list to kill some time. Hopefully, it will make you smile. And if it doesn’t, you can always give me a piece of your mind in the comments below.Signs you are a car parent
Top signs you are a car-parent
1. You have different playlists on your car, depending on who you’re drivingĀ … but you get to listen to yours only when you are in carpool or waiting for your child to finish their activity of the day.
2. You have a snack bag for your kids.
3. Said snack bag has provided lunch for you more than once.
4. You stress out when you forget to refill the snack bag. Not because of your kids’ reaction but because you will not be able to eat anything for hours.
5. You have a cell phone car charger … and use it daily.
6. You carry an extra pair of shoes or clothes in your car. Not only for your kids, but for yourself as well.
7. You have read one or more books while waiting in your car.
8. During the summer you actually saved money on gas.
9. The main reason you dread your kids going back to school is knowing you will spend an excessive amount of time as their personal chauffeur.
10. When somebody looks at the inside of your car, they actually ask “Do you live out of your car?
Signs you spend too much time in your car
  • You drive less in the summer 1 of 7
    You drive less in the summer
    Therefore, when the kids are out of school, you actually save money on gas.
  • Have snacks, will carpool 2 of 7
    Have snacks, will carpool
    Since you drive your kids around, you carry a bag of snacks to feed them on the run.
  • Reading in the car 3 of 7
    Reading in the car
    With so much time to kill during carpool or waiting for extracurricular activities to finish, you have finished more than one book in your car.
  • Car charger 4 of 7
    Car charger
    A total necessity because there is no way your battery will last through such a hectic day.
  • Unhealthy lunch on the go 5 of 7
    Unhealthy lunch on the go
    When running from one place to another, you may find reaching out into the snack bag to eat. Many times, you may call it lunch.
  • Just in case clothes and shoes 6 of 7
    Just in case clothes and shoes
    Since you never know how long it will take you to get back home, you carry extra clothes and shoes for yourself and your kids, "just in case."
  • You listen to your playlist only when waiting for others 7 of 7
    You listen to your playlist only when waiting for others
    You might have the best playlists with music for the car, but for sure the kids will control the dial.
Article Posted 4 years Ago

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