10 Signs You’re Suffering From Parenting Burn Out

Parenting burn out. It can happen to anyone. Are your children out of school? Are they still in school but having a lot less homework and after school activities due to the closeness of summer break? Are you one of those parents who didn’t bother to sign up for camp because you figured you could keep them entertained yourself and save a buttload of cash at the same time? If you answered yes to any of these questions you are at high risk for parenting burn out. Hell, even if you answered no to all of these you are still at risk. We are all at risk! Parenting is hard is what I’m saying. We don’t get time to ourselves! We have less time with our spouse! We have less disposable income! But okay, how do you know for sure if you’re actually suffering from this malady? Here are a few of the signs…

  • Bedtime 1 of 10

    Your kids having been staying up until 11 lately only because trying to get them through the bedtime routine is so trying it's almost easier to let the little guys stay up.

  • Dinner 2 of 10
    Microwaving some mac & cheese for dinner seems like a bridge too far.
  • Back Talk 3 of 10
    Back Talk
    Your 4-year-old yells "you're rude" at you and the only response you can come up with is, "No, YOU'RE rude" back.
  • Binging 4 of 10
    After a long day with the kids you find it necessary to polish off an entire bottle of pinot or in my case a 12 pack of 100 calorie Klondike bars by yourself.
  • Mooooomy! 5 of 10
    Hearing the word "Mommy" makes you break out in hives.
  • Crushed Dreams 6 of 10
    Crushed Dreams
    You used to worry that if you'd never had kids you would've become a poor poet/tie dye artist living alone in a studio apartment on Venice Beach with only a feral cat that wanders the neighborhood as company. Now it doesn't sound half bad.
  • Toddlers 7 of 10
    You find yourself Googling "Boarding Schools for Preschoolers."
  • Time Out 8 of 10
    Time Out
    Yesterday you gave your kid four time-outs… and yourself five.
  • Travel 9 of 10
    The mere suggestion of getting on a plane with your children makes you curl up in a ball and rock yourself gently until the bad thoughts go away.
  • J-O-B 10 of 10
    If you have a job outside the home you can't wait to get there and if you don' start applying.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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