10 Simple Ways to be Successful

On the fast lane to be successful

We all want to be successful…what’s the secret?

“So, Alli. I want to be successful. I must be doing something wrong. Can you help me?”

I get asked this a lot, and I always wish I had a quick answer. Because if it was as easy as one magic formula, we’d all be successful, right?

Fact of the matter is, to be successful take a lot of hard work, hours of research and planning, consulting with mentors, learning from what will probably be more than a few failed attempts, boatloads of persistence, and even a wee bit of luck.

That being said, I do have certain fundamental truths that I hold dear. These axioms are true no matter who you are, what your goals are, and how you personally define success.

They helped me become successful.  And because I want you to be successful, too, I’m sharing them with YOU.

  • Go ahead, crow about your strengths. 1 of 10

    Seriously, if you don't know how awesome you are, nobody will. And confidence is critical to success.

  • When It’s Time to Stop, STOP. 2 of 10
    Know When to Say No

    Sometimes you just have to pull the trigger and say, "NO!" It's not easy, but if you can't say no then your yeses aren't as meaningful.

  • Seeking Perfection is the Enemy of Progress. 3 of 10
    nobody is perfect

    Unless you're that glorious peacock, you're not perfect (and of his feathers is askew). Own that and go forth proudly, or you'll be forever fussing over your insecurities.

  • Follow Your Path. 4 of 10
    know where you are going

    Sounds so simple, eh? But it oh, so isn't. You really, really need to have a clear vision of your goals if you want to be successful. Think ahead, imagine your end game, and then go for it.

  • Make Use of Those "Spare" Moments. 5 of 10
    Downtime is for Tomorrow

    Downtime? We don't need no stinkin' downtime. When success is on your agenda, you've got to make use of that time others call downtime. Once goals are achieved, you can start kicking back. Or setting new goals.

  • Batch Together Tasks. 6 of 10
    bucketfuls of tasks

    Break big tasks into chunks, and combine smaller tasks into chunks.  Thinking of your to-do list this way helps make everything more manageable. And more manageable = more success.

  • Be Wise. 7 of 10
    wisdom is knowing what to ignore

    That's right, Caterpillar. Knowing what to ignore is key to knowing what deserves your attention. (Also? Caterpillar? Don't ignore that owl. He looks hungry.)

  • Make a List, Check it off. 8 of 10
    Vacancies  in a to-do list are a very good thing

    If you want to be successful, make a list and check things off. Maybe your list is on a scrap of paper, or (my beloved) Reminders app. Not only do they keep you organized and on task, but it also feels VERY good to check things off. 

  • Be Surrounded by Awesome. 9 of 10
    uplifting people rock

    Perhaps the best thing you can do to be successful is to surround yourself with awesome people. From friends to mentors and everything in between, the easiest way to achieve success is to be in the company of greatness.

  • As You Barrel Ahead, Keep Those Feet On the Ground. 10 of 10
    stay grounded

    Never sacrifice your integrity. NEVER. Nothing is worth abandoning your principles. In the end, when your success is before you and you know you stuck to your values, it'll be all the sweeter.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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