10 Teen Slang Words

Want to know 10 teen slang words that are cooler than cool and hipper than hip? Words that are both far out and a gas? Dope words you can dig? The skinny on heavy words? Jiggy words that are keepin it real? Mellow words that are killer? Solid words that are tight? Wicked trippy words? Groovy off the hook words?

  • Shall we? 1 of 11
  • Emo 2 of 11

    When someone is emo, they are a drama queen. Taken from the angst-ridden emo genre of music.

  • Tope 3 of 11

    A combination of tight and dope. This means it's good.

  • Yolo 4 of 11

    An acronym for You Only Live Once.

  • Crunk 5 of 11

    Acting both crazy and drunk.

  • Cheddar 6 of 11

    No, not the cheese. It's money.

  • mos / dos / pos 7 of 11

    This is a typed abbreviation for Mom Over Shoulder, Dad over Shoulder, or Parents Over Shoulder.

  • Rides 8 of 11

    We're talking transportation of a different sort. Sneakers.

  • Requestion 9 of 11

    This is both a request and a question.

  • Bra 10 of 11

    Not the undergarment. The alternate pronunciation of Bro.

  • n00b 11 of 11

    This is someone with no interest in learning. And, as there should be, those are zeros in the word.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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