10 Things Being a Parent Has Taught Me

Kids add a lot to your life. They also take a bit away. I used to be a pretty big cynic but now I can’t look at a picture of a kitten without feeling a little something going on in my heart and I’m not even a cat person! It’s embarrassing. So yeah, being a parent changes you too and not just the type of car you drive (yes I have a minivan – get off my case!) But here are some of the biggest things being a parent has taught me.

  • Sharing is Caring 1 of 10

    I've learned that sharing is definitely caring but do we really have to use that damn phrase to get the point across? Maybe we could change it to "Sharing is cool!" or "Hey! Share!" which is what I mostly yell 100 times a day. But hey, I have twins.

  • The Importance of a Best Friend 2 of 10

    You're never too young for a BFF. They met when they were 7 months old and are just as tight now that they can walk and talk in full sentences (about Katy Perry) and feed themselves (cookies).

  • I Love Easter 3 of 10

    Turns out it's also fun for Jews.

  • The Park is for Suckers 4 of 10

    The park sucks when you're an adult. It's too hot, you have to bring all your own crap with you and swings are incredibly dangerous and need to be outlawed. Also have you ever been to a park with a working drinking fountain? Yeah? Show it to me!

  • Halloween Rules 5 of 10

    Halloween isn't just for assholes as I previously believed. I was someone who refused to ever dress up especially as a slutty nurse or sexy kitty. But the minute my older daughter put on her first plush bee costume (looking much like John Belushi circa the 70's) I lost my mind and have been happily helping with costume planning starting every November 1st.

  • To Be More Open Minded 6 of 10

    That underwear makes a fabulous hat if you just use a little imagination.

  • Girls Will Not Always Be Girls 7 of 10

    Don't make assumptions about someone's gender.

  • It Goes Fast 8 of 10

    They really do grow up so fast (even though each stage feels long while you're in it). This picture feels like last week (and at the same time it seems like three lifetimes ago). But you're not "missing it" (as some people always tell you).

  • Alone Time is a Gift 9 of 10

     Grocery shopping alone is a privilege not a right. And you will rarely. ever. get. that. privilege.

  • Your Life Isn’t Over 10 of 10

     Your life isn't over after you have kids. Sometimes, it's just getting started.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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