9 Things I Did as a Child That Kids Today Would Never Do

Kids today just ain’t the same. Yeah I said it! They’re weak. They live indoors in their perfect little plastic bubbles. They spend their days using technology and their summers in all sorts of fancy-dancy, specialty camps. Well, this post is a throwback to the good ol’ days of growing up. Back in the day, when we stayed outside until dark, Living La Vida Loca, before it was even a song — LOL. While talking with Ronnie a few days ago and telling her for the umpteenth time that kids today aren’t built like we were, I realized that I needed to put it down on paper my keyboard.

Below is my list of 9 things that I did as a child that today’s kids would never do! Now I’m not condoning any of these actions, and my kids would be in severe trouble for doing half of the things on this list, but let’s go.

What you would add to the list?



Article Posted 5 years Ago

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