9 Things I Did as a Child That Kids Today Would Never Do

Kids today just ain’t the same. Yeah I said it! They’re weak. They live indoors in their perfect little plastic bubbles. They spend their days using technology and their summers in all sorts of fancy-dancy, specialty camps. Well, this post is a throwback to the good ol’ days of growing up. Back in the day, when we stayed outside until dark, Living La Vida Loca, before it was even a song — LOL. While talking with Ronnie a few days ago and telling her for the umpteenth time that kids today aren’t built like we were, I realized that I needed to put it down on paper my keyboard.

Below is my list of 9 things that I did as a child that today’s kids would never do! Now I’m not condoning any of these actions, and my kids would be in severe trouble for doing half of the things on this list, but let’s go.

Stand up in a moving car 1 of 9
I remember standing up from the backseat as a child. When we got a car with bucket seats I was always standing in between the two. This would definitely be a no-no in today's times.

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Not wear a seat-belt 2 of 9
I don't remember if we even had seat belts in my childhood car. When I do remember having the lap belts we still didn't use them. Nowadays my kids will go crazy if I pull out of my driveway and haven't buckled up yet.

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Play outside all day long 3 of 9
I remember playing from right after breakfast to right before dinner. Hot days, cold days, in between, it didn't matter. The neighborhood was always abuzz.

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Not go to summer camp 4 of 9
I went to a few summer camps in my youth but nothing like these newjack kids. Computer camp this, culinary camp that. As I mentioned before, we just went outside, and don't forget your house key or you'll be locked out until your parents get home from work.

Photo credit: Lamar Tyler
Roam the neighborhood 5 of 9
We got on our bikes and let the wind hit our back. We rode from our neighborhood to the next one. We travled around town to spend loose change at the nearest convenience store. You traveled as far as your legs would take you. Nowadays we don't let our kids off of the block.

Photo credit: Lamar Tyler
Leave without a cell phone 6 of 9
Cell phone? I didn't get a pager until I was 16-years-old. Now there are kids are under 10 with iPhones, and their parents still have a flip.

Photo credit: Lamar Tyler
Save cardboard boxes for breakdancing 7 of 9
Whoa! Flashback! We couldn't wait until someone brought something big so we could use the box to do the backspin. Finding a refrigerator box was like looking for Bigfoot.

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Wait all week to see your favorite show 8 of 9
Back in the day we couldn't wait until Saturday mornings to watch cartoons. But now, our kids watch cartoons morning, noon, and night. And when they get tired of watching those cartoons they pull up more on Netflix. Good grief!

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Never quit a paid activity 9 of 9
We never even dreamt of trying to quit something that mama paid for with her hard earned money. But, this is the age of entitlement and if the kids don't enjoy it they shouldn't have to do it. SMH!

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What you would add to the list?



Article Posted 4 years Ago

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