10 things I don’t enjoy about being about a girl

Being a woman definitely comes with it’s advantages.

Guys will open jars for you, they’ll (usually) hold the door for you and there’s just something so RIGHT about the smell of good shoes.

From the time you’re born a female you have the innate ability to weave magic with a swish of your little fingers.

In high school you are a walking, talking, breathing jigsaw puzzle with breasts.

In your twenties you become slightly less mystical but still challenging….with breasts.

Thirty sees men begin to get a grasp on women just when females will realize the truth: THEY MAY NEVER REALLY UNDERSTAND US.….but they like breasts.

Every stage of life will change. You will grow. Mature. Yes, you will have breasts.

I turned 38 at my birthday this year.

There was something I learned this close to 40.


Yes, I DO like being a girl.

But, I gotta tell you, for me? There are times and things that just sucked.

So I’m giving you another list of the 10 THINGS I DON’T ENJOY ABOUT BEING A GIRL.

  • PMS 1 of 10
    This is not an imaginary reason to be in a bad mood. For many women it involves physical pain, chemical imbalance and extreme emotions. It's a GOOD reason to be in a bad mood.
  • Training Bras 2 of 10
    Training Bras
    These were basically like band-aids with straps. And enough elastic to tempt adolescent boys.
  • Distinguished 3 of 10
    Men of a certain age are described by this term. Women just get called "Cougars".
  • Neumatic Air Wrench 4 of 10
    Neumatic Air Wrench
    These are creations meant for no other purpose than to tighten something so severely there is no hope of loosening it, like when you HAVE TO.
  • Ladytime 5 of 10
    Bleeding. Bloating. Bacon. (the only reason we might all still be alive is the last one.
  • Original Sin 6 of 10
    Original Sin
    The belief that mankind exists in a "fallen state" due to sin committed prior to our births. The sin would be Eve disobeying God and eating from the forbidden tree. It's ALL our fault.
  • High Heel Pain 7 of 10
    High Heel Pain
    As awesome as it is to shop for, and wear, fabulous shoes, the pain we put ourselves through to "look good" is truly ridiculous.
  • Body Hair 8 of 10
    Body Hair
    Men would argue that they have to shsve and trim beards, But until you've had a Brazilian wax don't even talk to me.
  • Chicken Cutlets 9 of 10
    Chicken Cutlets
    These little water/silicone-filled bra inserts were invented to "plump" cleavage. But guess what they look like?
  • Purses 10 of 10
    Just because we carry a purse does not mean that we want to carry your wallet, cell phone, Kleenex, chewing gum, etc.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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