10 Things I’ve Discovered in the 10 Days I’ve Been Living in Ann Arbor

garage doorIn no particular order:

1. I do not like bikram yoga. I spent the entire 90 minutes feeling like I couldn’t breathe and fighting off a panic attack about suffocating.

2. Pilates, though, is aces.

3. I can get way more done working at home than I did working from the office, but I miss my officemates.

4. Work travel is remarkably easy when I just get in my car and drive to the airport and leave the car parked to drive home when I get back.

5. What some people think is “crazy traffic” is really not that trafficky.

6. When I jaywalk here, I put my hand up at the car I’m walking in front of, but it’s to wave to thank the driver, not to flip the driver off like we do in NYC.

7. You should not pull the car into your garage and click the garage door closed and then leave your car running inside the garage to hear the radio while you check emails on your work BlackBerry for a full 5 minutes.

8. Living across the street from my kids’ school means that even on days when their dad has them, I get to see them for a few seconds in the morning and afternoon as they walk past my place. Score!

9. Having my own washer and dryer in my house is more wonderful than I can describe, but I still have to fold and put away the laundry.

10. In NYC I was on the crunchy side, but here amidst the hippies I am totally The Man. And I kind of like it.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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