10 Things My Sensible 5 Year Old Loses Her Mind Over

My goodness are children ever different. My oldest daughter is 11, so when my only other daughter was born, I assumed she’d be just like Alli. Which would have been fantastic because I love the way Alli is. She’s pretty, but tough. A total tomboy. Can’t pay her to wear a dress, but she’ll shoot basketball in 25-degree weather at the drop of a hat. I haven’t seen her in a dress in nearly a decade!

But Kirby? My five year old girl? She practically came with a little pink bow. It’s like she’s a caricature of all things feminine. And I love her style just as much as Alli’s. In fact, it’s so nice to have such a yin-yang thing going on with my daughters. Though, they do have one thing in common. They’re both fairly level-headed.

Which is not to say that there aren’t certain things that my youngest goes ga-ga over. There are. And here are ten of them.

  • Santa 1 of 10
    Oh, I'm sorry. Did you think that I meant gaga in a good way. Well, I actually did. But it's worth noting that Santa freaks my sensible little girl out as evidenced by this picture when we were still just a family of six. (We added Luke the next year!)
  • Tinkerbell costume 2 of 10
    Tinkerbell costume
    Kirby loses her mind over the Tinkerbell costume. When this picture was taken she was a little grumpy, though, as she was at the tail end of a three-hour Tinkerbell bender.
  • The cookie swap 3 of 10
    The cookie swap
    Kirby is part of this collection of little girls who throw a "cookie party" each year in December where everyone who's invited wears special pajamas and brings cookies. Then they swap them. It's a girls-only deal. I think the reason why she likes it so much is because she gets to wear her fancy pajama get up. Of note would be that her slippers are on the wrong feet. "I know," she said. "But it's okay because it doesn't hurt."
  • Peppa Pig 4 of 10
    Peppa Pig
    First, it's not just Kirby. We all love Peppa Pig. But second, nothing makes Kirby laugh like Peppa and the gang.
  • Her dad 5 of 10
    Her dad
    I don't necessarily know if it's true or not, but it's my slideshow and I'm keeping it in here.
  • Dressing up 6 of 10
    Dressing up
    Nothing delights Kirby more than when the family is forced to dress up for church or special occasions.
  • Pink boots 7 of 10
    Pink boots
    Speaking of dressing up, Kirby loves to rock the pink cowboy boots. I get that some folks won't get this. But I don't care. Because I'm a redneck and, sorry, y'all, but pink boots on a five-year-old little girl totally work whether you realize it or not. It's worth noting that she picked out this outfit by herself.
  • Sofia the First 8 of 10
    Sofia the First
    Peppa Pig may make Kirby laugh, but Sofia the First takes her breath away. I've never seen her zone out harder than when Sofia comes on. The movie was big enough. But now that it's an actual series? I think we may need to buy extra capacity on the ol' DVR.
  • Sunglasses 9 of 10
    (a) She rocks them. (b) She'll let you know about it. (c) Repeatedly.
  • Hair bows 10 of 10
    Hair bows
    She'd wear them in her sleep if we'd let her. But we won't. Which upsets her. Which is when she goes with the look in this picture. Which never works. (Fine. Rarely. It rarely works.)

Is there anything that makes your little girl lose her mind?

Peppa Pig image

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