10 Things That Sap Your Holiday Spirit

Remember when you were a kid and visions of sugarplums and chocolate gelt filled your head? The holidays were a sugar high followed by a sled riding, cocoa drinking, cute-boy-under-the-mistletoe-spotting buzz. Life, in the moment.


But then you grew up and had to do the shopping, cooking, decorating, wrapping, planning and calling for the airport shuttle.

When I talk to friends and family about the holiday season, I hear a fair amount of griping about the energy required to fuel the festivities. Here’s the top ten most exhausting things about the holidays, and some ways to save your energy so you can still experience the buzz you got as a kid.

  • Social Media Overload 1 of 10
    Social Media Overload
    Keeping up with everyone online can be a fulltime job, but pausing to post every party, cocktail, gift and decoration at the holiday time can leave you feeling like you're pulling a double shift. Try and remember: Holidays are not a competitive sport!
  • Super Sale Shopper 2 of 10
    Super Sale Shopper
    Finding the best deal saving a little $ is always a welcome thing. But if you're spending ten hours to save $20 and wearing yourself out in the process it's not worth it!
  • Volunteer Meltdown 3 of 10
    Volunteer Meltdown
    It's hard to say no all year round, but it's particularly hard at the holidays. Volunteering to bring food to the school celebration, organize a secret Santa and do the decorating for your club or organization can leave you drained. Practice this: Smile and nod… smile and nod… Cookie recipe via Smashed Peas and Carrots
  • Pinterest Junkie 4 of 10
    Pinterest Junkie
    Perhaps (like me) you're an overpinner. You started in July, pinning all the crafts and projects you were going to complete for the holidays. Maybe you even had visions of a DIY holiday! Scrap that. You'll need to clear your dining room table to eat on by the time company arrives. You know you've fallen victim when you start considering making gifts for neighbors you don't even like. A little crafting is nice, but don't (literally) paint yourself into a corner.
  • Procrastination 5 of 10
    It might have felt like you were saving your energy, chilling out with an extra slice of pumpkin pie while everyone else was going nuts on black Friday. You're gonna pay for that now… Last minute shopping and shipping is always more stressful, exhausting and expensive. Try to get your shopping done before the last minute!
  • Overindulgence 6 of 10
    If I eat one more latke… From the festive food to the office party booze, the holidays are a temptation gauntlet. All that "good" eating and partying can leave you feeling like you gotta lay down. Plan ahead and pack snacks to avoid losing control around the sugary donuts.
  • Cash Flow 7 of 10
    Cash Flow
    Holidays are expensive, so you might be tempted to take on extra work to cover the cost. But the extra work can leave you too tired to enjoy the holiday. Better to cut some costs and spend more time with family. Chances are that you and your family will enjoy this a lot more than working yourselves sick to buy cool stuff that you can post to your Instagram feed.
  • All the planning! 8 of 10
    All the planning!
    Even Santa has to check his list twice. Remembering everyone, from the doorman at the preschool, to the mailman, is a holiday time chore that can be tiring and stressful. Lean on your smart phones to help you out, and put together gifts in batches. Just beware of falling into the "Pinterest Trap" if you're a Pinterest junkie!
  • Holiday Travel 9 of 10
    Holiday Travel
    Isn't it cute how we like to all go places just when bad weather peaks? Airport delays, black ice, and packing for everyone can eventuality really wear you out. Make contingency plans to avoid feeling like you got hit by a bus!
  • Wrap Stars 10 of 10
    Wrap Stars
    There's a reason why my mom used to just throw a sheet over all the presents and be done with it. It's one thing if you have a few presents to wrap. But when you have over 50, as we often do (Hanukah is 8 nights long) you risk slow death by papercut. If you really must wrap it all, go for a gift bags (great because they are reusable) & tissue paper where possible.


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