10 Things to Do Before Summer Ends

We’ve got a month left until summer winds down, and that makes it the perfect time to step back and remind ourselves of all the best things about this season. Here are 10 great things to do before summer ends— for you and your loved ones.

  • Rest 1 of 10
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    The first thing and most important thing you must remember to do before summer ends is to rest your body and soul. Do it in the comfort of your home, or on a far-flung beach somewhere, but just make sure to take the time to take a time-out. Summer is for stopping, and you've got to make sure you do just that before the fall rush hits again. 

  • Eat Summer Foods 2 of 10
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    Before summer's up, it's time to go out and eat as many of those lovely summer foods as you can. Tomatoes and citrus top the list of things you'll want to gorge on while the getting's good. Seek organic food and farmer's markets for the best high-quality goods that will make it impossible for you to forget how rich and delicious summer foods can really be. 

  • Be Entertained 3 of 10
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    Sure, we all want to be entertained all year round. But it's more important than ever during the lazy days of summer. Take the time to watch a movie, a play, an opera, or a dance production that you might not otherwise make the time for during the school year. You'll enjoy the treat, and it'll help you to remember that this is what summer's for— enjoyment! 

  • Turn Off the Clocks (For a Day) 4 of 10
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    Before August winds down, take one day and live it clock-free. Yup, you heard me. It may feel scary at first to take off that watch or cover that clock, but it's just what you need to help you disconnect before the biggest season of work— fall— starts cranking again. 

  • Savor the Moment 5 of 10
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    It's another thing that you know you should be doing all year, but you find hard to remind yourself to take time for: savoring the moment. If summer is the time to let your hair down a bit, then take 30 minutes for yourself in the next three weeks to just savor the moment around you. 

  • Make Time for Love 6 of 10
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    Nope, Valentine's Day doesn't fall in August, but maybe it should. After all, what better time is there than a time when you're relaxed and less worried about work to prioritize love in your life? Make an effort in this last month of summer to love those around you— for their sake, and yours. 

  • Get Out in the Natural World 7 of 10
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    No matter where you live in the USA, weather is likely to get worse, not better, as things move into fall. So take advantage of the sun you have now to go out into nature and see some of the beautiful sights around you. Whether a far-off national park or a nearby botanical garden, find nature, and enjoy it. 

  • Get Thee to Water 8 of 10
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    There are few things more viscerally enjoyable than immersing oneself in water. Turns out, summer was made for water (and sun and sand, if you're counting). Find the water nearby, and go towards it. Get in. And enjoy. 

  • Embrace Time with Family 9 of 10
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    When we think of family time, we often think of holidays. Although summer isn't as full of holidays as December, say, it's a close second. Take time before summer ends to spend time with family— especially those ones who have more time than they do during the school year.

  • Introduce the Little Ones to the Season 10 of 10
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    If you've got a little one in your life, perhaps the most important thing you can remember to do during this season is to introduce him or her to all that summer offers. Even if your mind is already starting to reel with the coming demands of fall, step back and think of how you can show summer to your wee one. It'll help you see it all over again through new eyes. 

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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