10 Things You Can Do to Help Your School This Year

My daughter started first grade in September and one of the things the teacher asked was that the parents come volunteer once a week. Since I’ve started I can honestly say it’s been a great experience for both of us. It’s exciting for her to have Mama come in, but it’s also been really great for me to become closer to her teachers, the other students, and get to experience a bit of her day with her.

Start this year off by finding a new way to volunteer at your child’s school. It can be as often as coming in to volunteer once a week, or as basic as finishing up extra projects for the teacher at home. With smaller budgets nowadays, teachers can use all the help they can get. Plus, it’s a great way for you to take an extra step to be a part of his/her education.

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  • Collect Box Tops 2 of 11

    Buy products that participate in box tops. Ten cents of every box top goes to the school.

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  • Attend a School Board Meeting 3 of 11

    Use this as a chance to give input and see how desicions are made.
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  • Help out with a School Club 4 of 11

    Funding for after school activities is low. Sharing your creativity and talents with after school programs, will be greatly appreciated
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  • Share your Talents 5 of 11

    Organize a work place tour or share your career with the class. This is a great way to teach children about their community.
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  • Give the Teacher a Break 6 of 11

    Teachers have much larger class sizes now and can always use an extra pair of hands. Volunteer as often as you can to help the teacher out.
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  • Donate Toys or Extra Clothes 7 of 11

    Clean out closets and play rooms. Daycares and preschools can always use extra toys and extra clothes.
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  • Beautify Your School 8 of 11

    Bring along friends and family to plant trees or flowers around the school grounds.
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  • Help out for a Health Screening Day or Festival 9 of 11

    Help out a one time event. Volunteer during end of the year field trips, health screening day, or testing.
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  • Donate Supplies 10 of 11

    Donate unused paper, extra pencils, or any other leftover supplies you might have. Teachers love the extra goodies. 
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  • Volunteer from Home 11 of 11

    Volunteer to put together work books, or cut out a hundred Valentines day hearts. Every little bit helps
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