10 Things You Should Borrow from Your Husband

Here I am wearing Danny’s belt! (photo by Melanie Mauer)

How cool would it be to get a new look or a new accessory … without even buying a thing?

Well, I can tell you it’s very cool.  It’s called “Raid Your Husband’s Closet!”

Warning:  It may require some sweet talking.  Haha.  I had to play that card a couple of times.  (I don’t think my husband has ever once had someone borrow his clothes.  Sheesh.  I have four sisters.  I’m good at negotiating these things.)

Here are 10 things you should be borrowing from the boys….

  • Man Belt 1 1 of 10
    Man Belt 1
    1. The chunkier and bigger, the better. (Here I am wearing Danny's belt.)
  • Man Belt 2 2 of 10
    Man Belt 2
    If the belt is too big and long, that's preferable! No need to create new holes in the belt. Just tighten the belt, then wrap the belt around itself, and slip the end of the belt back through the belt loop to hold it secure.
  • Man Shirt 1 3 of 10
    Man Shirt 1
    2. Borrow a man's shirt! No need to button it. Instead, wrap one side tight to your body, as if it were a robe. Then wrap the other side tight. Then secure with a belt.
  • Man Shirt 2 4 of 10
    Man Shirt 2
    OR, just tie that bad boy in front and roll up the sleeves.
  • Man Shirt 3 5 of 10
    Man Shirt 3
    Like this... (I had to sweet talk Danny into letting me borrow his favorite, softest shirt.)
  • Man Scarf 6 of 10
    Man Scarf
    3. Might as well add to your scarf collection.
  • Man Sweater 1 7 of 10
    Man Sweater 1
    4. Make good use of an old sweater (raid grandpa's closet, too.) Big and chunky, please. And roll up those oversized sleeves.
  • Man Sweater 2 8 of 10
    Man Sweater 2
    Just another look.
  • Man Hat 9 of 10
    Man Hat
    5. I love men's hats on women. Size may be an issue here. But it's worth checking out (plus there are usually many more options for men's hats, which makes it a fun market to explore.)
  • Man Bowtie & Man V-Neck 10 of 10
    Man Bowtie & Man V-Neck
    6. Borrow a man's bowtie! It's OK to tie it kind of messy ... like a girl did it. 🙂 7. And wear a man's V-neck sweater! Again, big and loose is OK. Just belt it or tuck it and roll up the sleeves.

And a few more ideas:

8.  Wrap a man’s tie around your waist and tuck the end in (or tie a little bow or knot).  Makes for a great belt around dresses, button up shirts, T-shirts!  (I especially love this look with brightly colored ties.)

9.  Wear your husband’s button up shirts to bed or just around the house.  (Danny’s looooves when I do this!)

10. Wear an army shirt or a heavier cotton shirt of your husband’s as a light jacket for summer nights.  Roll up the sleeves.  Wear over leggings, shorts, skirts, summer dresses, etc.

Oh — and do you have any more ideas of things to borrow?  Do tell!  New clothes & accessories for everyone!  🙂


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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