10 Tips For Getting Back To Sleep

At some point in our lives we all experience some middle of the night insomnia. I swear it’s gotten worse for me as I have gotten older, but even my kids have troubles from time to time, especially during the change of seasons like we are experiencing right now. No matter your age, loss of sleep can be devastating. But there are things that you can do to salvage your sleep if it is disrupted midstream. Here are ten tips from my personal bag of tricks to get you back on the road to slumber after a middle of the night detour.

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  • Face Mask 2 of 11
    When you are trying to get back to sleep light is not your friend, because it activates your brain. Donning a face mask can block out the light and potentially seal you up tight in some good REM sleep.
  • Lotion 3 of 11
    We often take our skin for granted, allowing it to go for days without nourishment. Our skin gets very thirsty, and unlike our insides, water isn't the answer. Lotion can help retore vitality to your skin and seal in much needed moisture, plus it can heal small cracks which may be subtly disturbing you as well. The hands are the obvious choice, but I recommend doing the feet and lower legs as well. They are most often ignored and thus can bring about a palpable reaction when attended to.
  • Vicks 4 of 11
    Open your airways. Laying prone breathing through your nose you can take in a lot of allergens that you picked up during the day that transferred to your pillow. This can clog your nasal passages, inflaming your turbinates. You can take something certainly, but I always start with a dab of Vicks. I am a big fan of using the old standby right at the base of my nostrils. The relief is instantaneous. But if your body feels like it is overheating Vicks is also helpful when applied to the soles of the feet. Don't ask me why, it's just one of those things.
  • Re-Make Your Bed 5 of 11
    Smoothing out your rumpled covers can arrest anxiety and provide you with a clean slate to start your sleeping journey again. Instead of trying to recapture what you had previously achieved you can just start fresh and burrow under the covers in a new way.
  • Fresh Pajamas 6 of 11
    You know that feeling after a long day when you finally get your work clothes off and put your pajamas on? It's a relief isn't it? Well, when your slumber gets stalled it might help to go back to the beginning and start all over with a fresh pair of PJs. Ah, relief. Again!
  • Stretch 7 of 11
    Sometimes your body is what is restless not your mind. In which case some stretching can be the answer. Delivering oxygenated blood to your muscles, relieving those kinks, may help you finally relax.
  • Milk 8 of 11
    We have all heard it before, "If you can't sleep, try some warm milk." Well, it's not just an old "Mom's Tale", the truth is that calcium can help boost melatonin production which helps calm the brain and the body, preparing for sleep. Or so I've read. What I know for sure is that milk has always been a reliable middle of the night companion for me.
  • Yogurt 9 of 11
    The ingredient in Milk that helps you rest is calcium, but sometimes a small glass of something to drink is not enough to coax your body back to sleep. I know that if I fall asleep before getting proper dinner nourishment I sometimes wake up uncomfortably empty in the stomach. When that happens yogurt is my goto snack. A little calcium, a little carbohydrates, a little fruit and a little protein satiates me just fine.
  • Journal 10 of 11
    Sometimes whe I wake up in the midle of the night it's because my brain is too full to shut down. That's when I have to do a brain dump. I write in a journal and empty out all of those thoughts that are getting in the way of my sleep. You don't even have to turn the light on as this journaling is not meant for posterity, it's meant for relief in the moment.
  • Computer TV Video Player 11 of 11
    When sleep is playing serious hide and seek with me in the wee hours of the night, and nothing else has worked to get me back under, my last resort is a TV show. But I never watch on the TV, only on my notebook computer. Why? First of all the screen is smaller. Second, I can place the notebook in the most convenient place, right next to my bed. Third, if I fall asleep in the middle of the program the computer will just go quiet when the show is done, leaving my second slumber undisturbed.

These are just some of the things you can do to regain control over your sleep, but there are many more. What are your best solutions for defeating insomnia? Please share in a comment below. That way we can all catch some much needed ZZZs.


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