10 Top Summer Hair Trends: East Coast

Summer Hair trends

I’m going to go ahead and say it: living in New York City is hard. Not only do you have to deal with the full-time models and designers, but there are also scads of artists and students walking down the street sporting new gorgeous summer ‘dos. For those of you who¬†regularly¬†seek out hair-spiration on the streets, we’ve got good news. You can stop snapping sneaky pictures of “cool buildings” when everyone knows you’re just inspired by that girl’s pixie cut. We’ve pulled together our favorite 10 hairstyles that New York women are sporting on the streets. Keep reading to see some lovely summer ‘dos!

Main image by A Cup of Jo

  • Half Braid 1 of 10
    Half Braid
    I'm in love with this spin on the classic summer braid! If you already have ombre hair it add even more texture to this feminine hairstyle.
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  • Short Hair Braid 2 of 10
    Short Hair Braid
    For all the ladies who are nervous about growing out their pixie cuts, this braid is the perfect solution.
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  • Oversized Clips 3 of 10
    Oversized Clips
    Oversized clips were all over the runway at New York Fashion Week last year. I love this golden clip!
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  • Flowers 4 of 10
    Isn't this hairstyle dreamy? MIx up the classic Heidi braids with some extra flowers tucked in the back.
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  • Hippie Braids 5 of 10
    Hippie Braids
    As soon as summer sets in, every New Yorker's bohemian side emerges. These asymmetrical braids are the perfect no-brainer summer hairstyle.
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  • Pastel Accents 6 of 10
    Pastel Accents
    Would you ever dye your hair a pastel color? Try a temporary hair chalk in pastel colors.
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  • Crown Braid 7 of 10
    Crown Braid
    When in doubt, a messy crown braid always appears pulled together. I love that this one wraps around your entire head!
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  • Long Bob 8 of 10
    Long Bob
    New York during the summer is hot and humid. Why not chop your hair off in a blunt cut like this one?
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  • Fishtail Braid 9 of 10
    Fishtail Braid
    You've probably sported a fishtail braid before, but I'm loving the lavender ombre color in this braid! New Yorkers everywhere are sporting bright hair colors.
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  • Bright Hair, Big City 10 of 10
    Bright Hair, Big City
    It's summertime, and what's more trendy than bold rainbow colored hair? I'd love to try this trend just once.
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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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