10 Toys You’ll Never Hide in the Chest

Living with kids doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing style — nor does it mean stuffing every closet full of bright plastic contraptions each time guests stop by. With a few mindful purchases and well-designed objects, you and your kids (plus their toys!) can coexist in beautiful harmony. Don’t believe me? Check out 10 beautiful objects that easy on the eyes — but fun for the kids!

  • Manhattan Toy Skwish Rattle 1 of 10
    Manhattan Toy Skwish Rattle
    Babies love it for gripping practice, and mamas love it for the intricately detailed design. (I've got one on my office desk as I type this!) Available for $12 at Amazon.
  • Electric Eel Marbles 2 of 10
    Electric Eel Marbles
    Let your kids' imagination run wild with these metallic marbles - then display them in a glass bowl and have your dinner party guests awe at your excellent taste in decor. Available for $3 at Town Square Toys. 
  • Wild & Wolf Ridley’s Jacks 3 of 10
    Wild & Wolf Ridley's Jacks
    A fan favorite, this version of Jacks is made all the radder with its fun, retro packaging. Available for $6 at Madewell.
  • Gold Play Cards 4 of 10
    Gold Play Cards
    I dare you to pretend you won't steal these from the kids' game drawer next time you host poker night. Available for $15 at A+R.
  • Basic Geometrics Solids 5 of 10
    Basic Geometrics Solids
    Display these throughout your home for an organic modern touch, but don't forget to share with the littles! Available for $9 at The Westview Shop.
  • Pantone Colors 6 of 10
    Pantone Colors
    A must-have for the kids becomes a colorful statement book for your own shelf after bedtime reading is through. Available for $10 at Amazon.
  • Kid Made Modern Crayon Gems 7 of 10
    Kid Made Modern Crayon Gems
    These crayon gems are so pretty they might break your heart to use, but remember - they're for the kids, Mom. Available for $5 at Target.
  • Menagerie Hippo Bookend 8 of 10
    Menagerie Hippo Bookend
    A faux leather bookend will look as lovely next to Nietzsche as it will Dr. Seuss. Available for $58 at Serena & Lily.
  • Wood Gumball Machine 9 of 10
    Wood Gumball Machine
    For delighting the kids (and stashing your Skittles). Available for $58 at A+R.
  • Sectional Globes 10 of 10
    Sectional Globes
    Made from cardboard, these globes are as decorative as they are educational. Available for $24 at The Ghostly Store. 


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