10 Fashion Trends I Wish Would Go Away: East Coast

One of the most exciting parts of living in New York is being able to watch fashion trends evolve in real time, from the runway to the streets to the donation bin. It’s amazing how quickly we cycle through styles — must-have items for this month could be passé next month. Unfortunately, fashion that was labeled “bohemian” in 2010 is still recycled on the streets in the form of tribal prints and spirit hoods. Keep reading to see 10 fashion trends I wish would go away!

  • Spirit Hoods 1 of 10

    A few summers ago I noticed a growing number of teenagers wearing what appeared to be giant stuffed animals on their heads. Termed "spirit hoods," these ridiculous hats have somehow stuck around for every season. Do yourself a favor and retire this trend right now

    Image from Design Tonic

  • Graphic Leggings 2 of 10
    Graphic leggings

    Let's talk about leggings. I know that women love to complain about wearing leggings as pants, but I happen to live in my pair of black Zara leggings. Graphic leggings, on the other hand, are tacky and unflattering. Just say no to this trend.


  • Cut Out Swimsuits 3 of 10
    cut out swimsuit

    Being able to pull off a classic cut out swimsuit is a serious accomplishment for any woman. For the rest of us, though, cut out swimsuits should remain on the racks and not in our closets. They're unflattering on just about everyone, and were recently voted the worst fashion trend of 2013.


  • Spiked Boots 4 of 10
    spiked boots

    Where do I begin with these boots? Here in New York we all love our leather and spikes, but I've been seeing every iteration of these spiked heels all over town. These heels are way over the top even for New Yorkers. Let's retire them once and for all.


  • Pajamas as Daywear 5 of 10
    silk pajamas

    To be honest, I have seen a handful of New York fashion icons pull off the whole pajamas-as-daywear trend. Most of the time, though, wearing these pajamas on the streets will just create some cringe-worthy moments.


  • Fringe Tees 6 of 10
    fringe tee

    Lately I've been seeing fringe everywhere: fringed tees, fringed dresses, and even fringed swimsuits! While I'm loving the 1970s punk-rock vibe women are channeling, let's just agree that fringe has a time and a place. Save the fringed Grateful Dead tee for summer concerts.


  • Feather Earrings 7 of 10
    feather necklace

    Full disclosure: I was super into feather accessories in 2010. It was a phase of my life in which I embraced all things bohemian, especially tribal prints and feathered earrings. Let's put this trend to rest and move on to cooler accessories like cross earrings.


  • Glittery Sneakers 8 of 10
    bedazzled sneakers

    I dig the glittered  trend as much as any other New York woman, but I'm drawing the line at these DIY bedazzled sneakers. Maybe save the glitter for a New Year's party?


  • Mustaches 9 of 10
    mustache tee

    Do we even need to mention this one? The fake mustache trend has gotten out of control. From mustache tattoos to fake mustache photo booths, you can't escape this twee motif. 


  • Braided Headbands 10 of 10
    Hippie Headband

    Here's yet another example of a faux bohemian trend circa 2010 that just won't quit. Head to any concert and you're bound to find a gaggle of girls wearing these headbands. Opt for a floral headband instead!


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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