10 Budget Storage Ideas For Kids

If you’ve got kids running underfoot, you already know the beauty of closed storage. Closets, credenzas, cubbies – each one perfect for stashing last-minute everythings in a pinch. Yet for most of us, closets are prime real estate for our daily threads, and credenzas and cubbies can get so pricey. Good news! I’ve rounded up ten budget storage finds – all under $100 – that provide as much style as they do storage. Warning: your kids might love tidying up from this day forward…

  • Time to Tidy! 1 of 11
    Time to Tidy!
    Click through for 10 budget-friendly, super stylish storage ideas!
  • Flat Storage 2 of 11
    Flat Storage
    Suitcases make for fantastic under-the-bed storage solutions. And hey, when they threaten to run away to Grandma's house in a few years, at least you know they'll be well-equipped for the trip. Available for $21.95 at Land of Nod.
  • Chalkboard Storage Bench 3 of 11
    Chalkboard Storage Bench
    With a handy chalkboard surface for doodling and hidden interior storage, this bench is a design heavy-hitter. Bonus: those wheels were made for rollin'. Available for $80 at Tottini.
  • Laundry Hamper 4 of 11
    Laundry Hamper
    With two sections for lights and darks (gotta teach 'em early!), this fabric hamper folds up for those times you need to squeeze every last ounce of square footage from a space. You know, for forts and stuff. Available for $49 at Land of Nod.
  • Book Storage 5 of 11
    Book Storage
    Keep those books tidy and organized with this handy canvas design, perfect for spotting their favorite title in a jiff. Available for $49.95 at Amazon.
  • Floor Bins 6 of 11
    Floor Bins
    A fan favorite, these floor bins are sturdy enough to house every stuffed animal tea party guest in sight. Available for $29 at Land of Nod.
  • Expandable Storage 7 of 11
    Expandable Storage
    Equal parts playmat and drawstring storage bag, this design is pure genius for Lego hoarders everywhere. Available for $48 at Swoop Bags.
  • Locker Storage 8 of 11
    Locker Storage
    Want kid-friendly storage, but not kid-oriented style? Enter locker storage - the perfect blend of super function and stylish form. Available for $99 at IKEA.
  • Cube Storage 9 of 11
    Cube Storage
    Cube storage is the perfect size and shape for stashing those miscellaneous craft supplies that keep showing up in unexpected places (The fridge? Really?). Available for $12.95 at Land of Nod.
  • Cabinet Storage 10 of 11
    Cabinet Storage
    Perfectly pint-sized and kid-hued, this cabinet is part of a build-as-you-go combination set. Because as fast as the little ones grow, shouldn't your furniture do the same?Available for $81 at IKEA.
  • Canvas Bins 11 of 11
    Canvas Bins
    These canvas bins can be rolled down for small storage or rolled up for large - perfectly customizable! Available for $36 at Land of Nod.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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