10 Truly Great Things About Living in a Small Town

When you think of all the wonderful things about living in a small town, you probably think of stuff like the slower pace of life, the lack of lines and traffic, inhaling fresh, clean country air, and knowing dirt on every third person you encounter in the grocery store.

And those are all great reasons for moving to a small town (though not so great when your fellow grocery shoppers know all the dirt on you). But that’s not why I like living in a small town. No, I like small town life because it means I get to eat things like Taco in a Bag at the local county fair and enjoy a faint whiff of potpourri every time I step into the ladies room at my local municipal park. That, my friends, is the true splendor of small town living.

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  • 1. The Ladies Room at the Local Park Actually Smells Like Potpourri 1 of 10

    The reason is because no one ever goes to the park around here (why, when there is so much wild nature to enjoy?) yet city employees are still paid to clean them. It's the only public restroom I don't feel like I have to wear rubber gloves and a gas mask to enter. Wish I could say the same about area truck stops. 

  • 2. Nobody Wants That Amazing Midcentury Modern Rocker at the Local Thrift Store 2 of 10

    The pervading style aesthetic around here seems to veer toward Americana/primitive, shabby chic or traditional. Meaning all the great midcentury modern pieces that occasionally pop up in my local thrift shops? They're mine, mine, MINE...usually for around $25-$50 a pop. 

  • 3. You Can Show Up Alone to a Party and Not Feel the Least Bit Awkward 3 of 10

    Guaranteed you're going to know a minimum of seven people there: your friends, your internet provider, maybe even your psychologist. It's only a little uncomfortable until the booze kicks in.  And those you don't know? You invariably engage in a "Six Degrees of Separation" type discussion wherein mutual friends and acquaintances are identified and whittled down. By 10 p.m., you're mayor.

  • 4. Babysitters Charge $5 Per Hour 4 of 10
    IMG_0381 copy

    None of this $10-$12 per hour insanity you find in larger towns. And half the time, when you ask local babysitters how much they charge, they get all shy and humble and say, "Gosh, gee, I don't know....whatever you feel like paying." One of these days I'm going to ask, "How about marshmallows? Do you accept marshmallows as payment?"  Just to see what they say. 

  • 5. County Fairs 5 of 10
    IMG_3122 copy

    County fairs are just awesome. There are never any lines. The rides are barely held together. And you can go and eat things like Taco in a Bag and partake in good old fashioned activities like Drown the Clown. It's just fun. Don't over think it.

  • 6. Kids are Exposed to Animals in a Natural Setting 6 of 10
    IMG_2070 copy

    Sure, they might get chased by an on-the-loose hen while they're at it, but that's nature for you.  

  • 7. The Local Drive-In Theater is Refreshingly Laid Back 7 of 10

    Though they prefer you buy concessions from them, the folks who run the local drive-in theater allow movie-goers to bring in your own food, drink (even wine!) AND your dog. And kids are encouraged to run and play prior to showtime. It's a wonderful free-for-all for the whole family.

  • 8. Designer Items at the Local Consignment Shop are Priced to Sell 8 of 10

    I think it's because the local proprietress doesn't care about fancy-shmancy labels and such...she just wants merch to move. I bought an 80s-era crossbody Coach bag in soft buttery leather for only $15. I still gloat about it (hence this slide). 

  • 9. It’s not Impossible to Convince a Bunch of Friends to Come Over and Help You Process Chickens 9 of 10
    IMG_3068 copy

    Around here, butchering chickens with casual acquaintances is considered fellowship. 

  • 10. Where Else are You Going to See a Goat Standing on a Bull? 10 of 10
    IMG_0108 copy

    You'll never see this in the big city.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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