10 Useful Products Found at The Container Store

It’s not a secret anymore that I’ve got some issues with clutter. Collectables, clothes, paper, useful products, and not so useful, I somehow gather (and keep) it all.  The irony is that I’m drawn to empty containers. What’s the irony in that? Containers are perfect for clutter, right? True, when you use them for your clutter—or even better for your sorted clutter which hopefully isn’t really clutter anymore. Here comes the irony; I love containers and I love to buy containers but I won’t use them. Instead, they just become more clutter because I stack them up unused, hoping to eventually get my clutter to the uncluttered state of being worthy of my containers. It’s a vicious cycle.

All of that said, I’ve made a pact with myself not to buy containers anymore. Not until I actually have something I will really put into them. But, because I am well aware, habits can be hard to break so I have tried to be easy on myself and I allow myself at least the pleasure of shopping for containers, even though I can’t buy any. Believe it or not, it’s satisfies my container obsession.

The other day I had a little extra time before I had to pick my kids up from their summer camp and so I took that opportunity to get a non-accumulating container fix at—where else?—The Container Store. I don’t mess around, people.

Although I found plenty of totally useful and awesomely inspiring containers, I also found a whole bunch of other products that surprised and delighted me. Here’s a few of the products I found that I totally fell in love with (but didn’t buy…yet):

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  • Oraganized and colorful. 2 of 11

    I am madly in love with all things "mini". These colorful mini Bisley 5 Drawer Cabinets are killing me! They sell for $99.

  • All shaped up. 3 of 11

    Oddly enough I dug out my boots the other day (from the great pile of shoes in my closet) only to find them bent, folded and crushed. Waaaah. This So Cal girl had no idea there was such a thing as Inflatable Boot Shapers to keep that from happening. Holy wow! These are $9.99 a pair.

  • Illuminating. 4 of 11

    If this doesn't make you wish you were back in High School, nothing will. Where were these Locker Chandelier when I was a teen. How cool is this? They sell them for $24.99.

  • Nostalgic. 5 of 11

    I love containers. I love cool colors. I love good design. Check, check and check. It was all I could do not to buy one of these Library Metal Boxes. They're only $8.99 each.

  • Eco-friendly. 6 of 11

    I've been seeking out more eco-solutions for our daily lunch packing routine. I think these reusable Lunchskins Sandwich Bags are awesome (and adorable). They are $8.99 per bag. They have mini snack-sized bags too. Be still my heart.

  • On display. 7 of 11

    This little beauty caught my eye as the perfect solution for my camera collection obsession. I love the idea of each camera getting it's own Umbra Simple Display Shelf. They are $14.99 each.

  • Compartmentalized. 8 of 11

    For someone who longs to be organized like I do, this Urbio Magnetic Modular System Component option is beyond dreamy. Pieces range from $14.99-$34.99.

  • Silver lining. 9 of 11

    Shelf paper has come along way since I shopped for some. There's a whole slew of Natural Fiber Drawer and Shelf Paper Liner available to spruce things up in your kitchen and beyond. Rolls are $9.99.

  • Container heaven. 10 of 11

     This right here almost sent me over the edge. Stay-Fresh has a container for every single thing you could ever want a container for and more. Prices range from $1.99-$7.99 depending on your needs.

  • Hung up. 11 of 11

    Imagine having your belts, scarves, ties somewhere other than all over your room, closet, drawers and the floor. They've got lots of solutions for that from the C-Link by Umbra ($9.99 for 4 links) to about a dozen others. Too cool.


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