10 Ways to Grow your Reach Through Better Content

grow your readership with better content

1. Be consistent
Whether you post once a day, or once a week, try to be dependable. People like to know what they can expect, even if it is your inconsistency.

2. Make it relevant
If people think of you as a style guru, don’t think you can just all of the sudden start giving advice on how to change a tire and grow your readership. We’re not saying you can’t evolve, just do so with care and honesty, and make sure to remember all the little people you stepped on along the way.

3. Keep it simple
Is that post your writing more like two or three posts? Less is more. We all like to belly up to the trough once in a while, but for the most part, small bites are easier to digest.

4. Encourage engagement
Hang out where your tribe is. Maybe your readers don’t comment very much on your blog, but they love to chat on Instagram. If so, you should be there.

5. Put YOUR own spin on it
We’d be idiots if we thought we were the first people to make a list about “Growing your Readership” or “Better Content.” We’re sure you’ve heard tons of ideas, but what you haven’t heard are OUR ideas. So whatever your topic, make sure it has YOUR spin and your mark on it.

6. Make it stimulating
Are you creating content for content’s sake? WRIST SLAP. Stop it. People are looking for fun or thought provoking content. Isn’t that the type of content you want to create anyway?

7. Take note of trends
We’re not talking about neon or ombre, we mean take note of what your readers and followers respond to. Do you get a million likes on pictures of your kitty cat drinking beer? What kind of a person are you? No, but really, post more pictures in that vein and see what happens to your reach.

8. Strive to be better
Don’t get discouraged when content doesn’t stick, just take note and make tiny adjustments on your path to awesomeness.

9. Don’t have an identity crisis
Believe in yourself and your ideas. It’s easy to lose who you are if you are constantly trying to adjust to please others. That’s why we say, “take note of trends” not be a slave to them. There’s only one you, and you’re great!

10. Find your flow
Use the previous 9 tips to help you find your rhythm. The key is, once you’ve found your stride, just go with it.

Love and Donuts,

Alison & Susan

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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