10 Ways to Hit Refresh on Your New Year’s Resolutions


So here we are.

One month into our New Year’s promises to ourselves, and let me guess, you blew 90% of them by day two, didn’t you.

Do you know how I know this? Because you are like me. Well meaning, well intended, a terrible dancer, great at parties. I know. Shhhhhh, little lamb, now now. It’s okay. All is not lost. You can completely hit refresh and pretend like February 1 is January 1, because honestly, who’s counting. And speaking of that, let’s begin.

1. Pretend that February 1 is January 1. Because, whatever. It’s all numerologyastrology based on calculations some old Egyptian dudes made up like 6,000 years ago. You’re fine. February is the new January. Start over. Today. You can totally do that. It’s allowed.

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2. Pick your favorite two resolutions and start there. Two are easier to remember than 10. And if you can’t remember two, write one resolution on each hand. Then look at your hands lot. You can do that. And then you’ll remember. And then you’ll rock it out. I know you will.

3. Sleep more. If you didn’t make this one of your resolutions, add it. It will help everything else. And it will be like bonus points extra credit. You will totally become the valedictorian of New Year’s Resolutions. For real.

4. Drink more water. If you didn’t make this one of your resolutions. Add it. (See #3 for more details.)

5. Add things to your two resolutions that make your furiously happy. For instance, if you’re like me and want to work out more, you could perhaps not focus on the working out but instead make yourself a killer fun playlist of all your favorite best songs in the land. And then only allow yourself to listen to all that fun when you’re working out. See how that works, Boss? Instead of thinking “I have to go workout now,” you’ll think, “I get to go listen to my awesome playlist of happiness and glee.” And you’ll just focus on the listening and forget what’s happening around you while that’s happening. It’s like delusion for the soul. Go team!

6. Spin around in circles. At least once a day. This doesn’t really help in any specific way, I mean, according the science and the scientists, but it’s a happy act. And it’s a good way to make yourself giddy. And that’s always a good idea.

7. Consider making new goals. Honestly. Like you were really going to run a half marathon by Groundhog Day. Um. No. No you weren’t. Look at your list again. Make any needed adjustments and move forward with a get-real list that you love.

8. Focus on the more, not the less. The dos, not the don’ts. The absence of nots,  not the nots. You know what I mean. No? Really? Like this.

9. Give yourself a high five. You can do this. This is your year.

10. Stop beating yourself up. And while you’re at it, stop comparing yourself to others who seemingly have it all together and are already rocking it out on the resolutions. They have their things too. And you can do this. You can totally catch up (see #3 and #4). So stop looking around. For real. Do your thing, child.

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And now I will attempt to take my own advice. Care to join me? We can do this!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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