10 Ways to Use Evernote to Organize Your Home

With Evernote, the most important thing to keep in mind is the more you use it, the more you love it. Because the more you use it, the more you uncover all of its awesomeness.

And believe me, if Evernote is anything, it’s pure awesome. I use it everywhere. On my Mac, iPad, iPhone, Samsung Camera, Kindle.  Every single day. All day. And because Evernote syncs these platforms, it’s the ultimate storage system for my most important digital everything.

It is more than just a place to hold documents…it has many features that aren’t apparent at first glance. Here are a few of my favorite, along with tips on how best to use them.

1. The Web Clipper is the only bookmark tool you need. The Evernote Web Clipper does more than duplicate your browser bookmark functions. You don’t just save the URL (although you can); you can save a portion of a webpage or the entire page. You can categorize them in your customized folders, add notes, tag them, and even have them included in your google searches. The Web Clipper is the superhero of bookmarks.

2. You are Building Your Own Personal Database. I suggest you save everything that could be useful one day; you don’t have to be judicious (especially with the premium version). By properly categorizing and tagging your notes, everything you need is always at your fingertips, across all of your devices. Let’s say you are a graphic designer having coffee with friends and a new acquaintance that happens to need a logo redesign; with Evernote  you have your portfolio with you, perhaps picking up a new client.

3. Voice Memos can be tagged and effortlessly found later. Evernote’s voice memos are useful for so many reasons. Record a business meeting, record the kids singing a song or having  a tantrum (to play back later and discuss together in a calmer moment), when inspiration strikes and I’m on the go…the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Then tag and save them for easy retrieval in the future.

4. Virtual scrap book of kids’ art work. This is one of the reasons I first fell in love with Evernote. Nobody likes throwing away a sweet little drawing made with love…but seriously, it’s just impossible to save everything. So I take a picture with my phone, give it a title, tag it with the kids name. Saved!

5. Stay organized on the fly. I have a shared notebook with my husband where we keep important information that we might want to access when we’re out and about. From everyday things like grocery shopping lists and school correspondences. We also continue to build our database as we go. We take photos of important receipts and make a note for each major appliance such as when it was bought and from where.

6. Scan important documents for safe keeping. Scan or take photos of important documents such as mortgages, car loans, passports, etc. Make a note  of where they are located and how they are filed. No more digging through file folders wondering if you filed that paperwork under “L” for lease or “P” for property.

7. Make travel easier. Create an Evernote file where you store your itineraries, reservations, maps, tickets and everything else you might need while you’re enjoying your travels. You can also take pictures of that museum ticket stubs and include a few notes about the visit to help you remember the experience. Of course, embed photos of your excursions to enjoy later as well.

8. Digitize receipts and document expenditures. Make tax time easier. Keep photos of your deductible expenditures and receipts in Evernote with a running tally. It only takes moments when you do it as you go. You’ll be thanking yourself next spring!

9. Make shared notebook for older kids. My 14yr old has an iPhone with the Evernote app and we have shared notebooks as well.  It has important contact information (email addresses & phone numbers), important school correspondence, calendars, research, cool articles and funny pictures I run across. He digs those funny photos.

10. Organize recipes. I like to not only keep my recipes all in one place, I document if I alter the recipe. I also like to include photos of my own creations. Why not? I don’t cook often; it’s nice to document it when I do.

What’s your favorite Evernote tip?

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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