10 Websites to Make Your Life Much, Much Easier

So you ran into Megan at the grocery store yesterday. Megan, the mom at playgroup with impeccably manicured digits and a Lululemon-enhanced butt without the Lululemon. Or probably with the Lululemon, because her husband is a dentist. But I digress:

There are many Megans in our lives – the seemingly flawless and breezy women who obviously have it all together. Their laundry is folded, floors polished and yes, they likely wear lacy panties instead of the elderly version you’ve been sporting since baby number three. But want know a secret? Actually, want to know 10 secrets? Because Megan knows them. Behold, the 10 websites the Megans of the world use to make their lives way easier:

  • 1 of 10 houses everything you can't trust your coffee-fueled brain to remember: house projects, grocery lists, appointment reminders, birthdays, play dates and more - all in ONE place. Plus, it syncs to other calendars and phones for easy access on the go. Get thee to Cozi ASAP.
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    Don't worry; I can't figure out what I'm making for dinner tonight, either. Enter eMeals, a subscription-based meal planner that sends a customized grocery list and corresponding set of recipes for a full week of delicious dinners. Simply enter your food preferences (picky toddlers are welcomed!) and watch your inbox. Even better? Enter your closest grocery store and the list will be organized according to the store's layout. Genius!
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    Quick - you forgot to send the permission slip with your daughter and you'll never forgive yourself if she misses her dream zoo field trip. Fax it to the school's secretary without changing out of your pajama pants with HelloFax. It's free to use up to 5 times per month, so you've got plenty of wiggle room for more documentation mishaps.
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    Budgeting snafus happen to the best of us, but keeps your finances in order by pooling all of your account information in one handy spot. From school loans to Target trips, see exactly how you spend your money with handy pie charts and easy-to-understand graphs. Bonus? Tax time will never be easier!
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    Traveling with tots is hard enough; make the trip easier with - an automatic service that finds itineraries for upcoming trips in your email inbox and sends them directly to your phone's TripIt app. Restaurants, flights and hotel confirmations all in one place? Perfection!
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    Because no woman can gracefully lift 50 pound dog food in high heels, offers free (fast!) shipping right to your door - plus incredible discounts. And when Fido's happy, you're happy.
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    Groceries. Delivered to your door. We don't have to talk about this one, do we?
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    Face it - that little notebook you keep next to your computer for passwords will only last so long. stores and manages all of your website's passwords with just one master, super-secret password. Plus, its auto-form-fillers are a fantastic timesaver when you're trying to order those boots in a flash.
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    Post office lines are a busy gal's version of hell, so is a must for shipping packages from your own home. Order supplies, print labels and track packages - all without having to make eye contact with a sassy government employee.
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    Here's a big [not-so] secret: woman can't do it all. Task Rabbit is the perfect spot to hire out those jobs that you (a) can't do, (b) hate to do, or (c) pretend to do while you're grabbing a latte with your girlfriend.

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