11 Christmas Gifts That Would Never Fly Today

daddy saddle

If you’re like me, you spent Christmas Eve on pins and needles, excited to see your kids’ reaction to the gifts you’d carefully chosen for them. And likely, so have parents throughout history.

But even though some gifts from 50, 100 years ago or more are still beloved today (Lincoln Logs, Mr. Potato Head), others just…haven’t stood the test of time. Whether due to kids’ increasing sophistication or parents’ increased caution or cynicism, toys that once were hot, now most decidedly are not (though they may be great for a laugh.)

Imagine your child’s confusion — or your concern — if he or she had opened one of these gifts on Christmas morning?

  • Atomic Energy Lab 1 of 11
    Atomic Energy Lab
    What's wrong with making an A-bomb in your bedroom? Source: Mental Floss
  • The Daddy Saddle 2 of 11
    The Daddy Saddle
    It's hard to imagine a scenario in which the Daddy Saddle would appeal to children in 2012. BDSM enthusiasts, however... Source: How To Be A Dad
  • Toy Typewriter 3 of 11
    Toy Typewriter
    "But where's the screen?"
  • Tin Cup and Penny 4 of 11
    Tin Cup and Penny
    I like to fancy myself as having somewhat un-spoiled kids, but I just don't think receiving a tin cup and penny for Christmas, a la Laura Ingalls Wilder, would go over well.
  • Electric Toy Iron 5 of 11
    Electric Toy Iron
    There are two problems with this toy in 2012: First, parents don't like to give their kids things that get hot enough to cause burns. Second, my kids have never witnessed me ironing before, so they'd have no idea what this is. source: Daily Kos
  • Mid-1950s Barbie 6 of 11
    Mid-1950s Barbie
    "But why is her head so small, mommy? Where are the enormous, disproportionate eyes and collagen-injected lips? I told you I wanted Movie Star Yasmin Bratz!"
  • Chemistry Outfit For Boys 7 of 11
    Chemistry Outfit For Boys
    I wonder what was in the outfit for girls?
  • CB McHaul Figures 8 of 11
    CB McHaul Figures
    I. Mean. Really.


  • Lead Casting Kit 9 of 11
    Lead Casting Kit
    Modern parents do not like to let their children to play with lead.
  • Gilbert Glassblowing Kit 10 of 11
    Gilbert Glassblowing Kit
    Modern parents do not like to let their children handle molten glass.
  • Feed Me Cabbage Patch Kid 11 of 11
    Feed Me Cabbage Patch Kid
    Modern parents do not like toys that try to eat their children. Source:

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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