11 Helpful Hints for Husbands

I love my husband dearly.  We work together, play together, laugh together and raise our family together.  Recently, his actions brought to mind a comment Bill Cosby once made.  It was something to the effect of “Men aren’t dumb.  They just pretend to be so they don’t have to do certain things.” What made me think of this statement? Laundry. I walked into the laundry room to do a load of wash and found the washer filled with damp, mildewing clothes from a “wash” that my husband probably started and forgot about 2 days ago. Now I have twice the work to do than when I first went in there.

To me, that isn’t helpful.  When my husband tries to help around the house, it usually makes more work for me.  After talking about this with a girlfriend of mine, I realized it’s common problem with husbands.  So I thought I would write a few things down to help the average male keep peace in the household.  Gentlemen listen up…

1. Doing Laundry = Washing, drying AND folding the clothes.  Clothes in washer



2. Doing dishes = Not just getting them to the sink, but, filling the sink with soap and water, washing everything in it, and then putting them away.  If you have a dishwasher, you load it, TURN IT ON, and empty at the end of cleaning cycle.


3. Changing the baby = Remove dirty diaper, wipe the baby clean, put clean diaper on, AND THROW OUT DIRTY DIAPER.

4. Taking care of the children = Keeping them safe AND FEEDING THEM.

5. “Getting the baby” in the middle of the night = Feeding, burping and changing the diaper (if needed).


6. Making dinner = Preparing the food and then putting ingredients away, as well as putting all the puts and pans in the sink.

7. Dressing the children = Choosing clothes THAT FIT, fastening, buttoning, and possibly match pieces.

8. Dropping kids at school = Feed them breakfast, dress them neatly, and GET THEM THERE ON TIME.

9. Bathing the children = Running water (not too hot), put child in the tub, USE SOAP, wash them down and also, wash their hair.

10. Time out for the children = Removing them from activity, place them in a space WITHOUT a toy.

11. Unpacking Luggage = Remove clothes from Luggage AND put them away (or in laundry).


I am certain this list could go on.  These are just the ones that I encountered today 😉


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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