11 Oz The Great And Powerful Party Ideas

Disney’s newest movie, “Oz The Great and Powerful,” directed by Sam Raimi, is only a few days from opening in theaters. If you want to throw a party inspired by the Land of Oz and L. Frank Baum’s beloved characters here are 11 great and fun ideas. An Oz-inspired party is not only for children; adults can also have tons of fun.

Rainbow cupcakes, poppy-shaped cookies, your own yellow brick road and wizard-worthy top hats (like the ones worn by James Franco’s Oscar Diggs, the magician) are only a few ideas to make a memorable party for any special occasion. For a more magical ambiance, enlist your kids to make an Emerald City backdrop or  blow gigantic bubbles inspired by Glinda, played by Michelle Williams in the movie. Just let your imagination lead the way.

  • Great Oz party ideas 1 of 12
    Great Oz party ideas
    Click through to find 11 fun and easy party ideas to delight all Oz fans.
  • Rainbow cupcakes 2 of 12
    Rainbow cupcakes
    Delight all your guests with these cheerful rainbow cupcakes. Find the recipe here.
    Photo: Spoonful
  • Pave a yellow brick road 3 of 12
    Pave a yellow brick road
    Have your guests get into the Oz spirit as soon as they arrive with a yellow brick road.
    Photo: Madison's 3rd birthday party, at
  • Pretend you are on the ride of your life 4 of 12
    Pretend you are on the ride of your life
    This hot air balloon is safe but thrilling at the same time. It's also a great decoration for your Oz-inspired party.
    Photo: Oriental Trading
  • Paper hot air balloons 5 of 12
    Paper hot air balloons
    Fill your room with color by using these paper hot air balloons, sold by Oriental Trading.
    Photo: Oriental Trading
  • Snack-filled top hats 6 of 12
    Snack-filled top hats
    These miniature top hats can be filled with candy, popcorn, dried fruit or other snacks. Find them here.
    Photo: Oriental Trading
  • Or play dress-up 7 of 12
    Or play dress-up
    If you want your little munchkins to dress-up as the Wizard of Oz, these top hats come in handy. You can get them at party supply stores such as Oriental Trading.
    Photo: Oriental Trading
  • Poppy cookies-sw 8 of 12
    Poppy cookies-sw
    Inspired by the poppy fields shown in the movie, bake some cookies and later decorate them. There's a great tutorial here .
  • Use rainbow colored balloons to decorate your party table 9 of 12
    Use rainbow colored balloons to decorate your party table
    Set your table using a green tablecloth and use rainbow colored balloons to decorate.
  • Welcome to Emerald City 10 of 12
    Welcome to Emerald City
    Make your own Emerald City inspired backdrop. You can even make it a family project.
  • Gold coins as part of the treasure of Oz 11 of 12
    Gold coins as part of the treasure of Oz
    The new movie trailer for Disney's Oz the Great and the Powerful shows the treasure of Oz. Your kids will love to have their own piece of the gold with these coins. Available from party supply stores such as Oriental Trading .
  • Rainbow bubbles 12 of 12
    Rainbow bubbles
    Glinda appears in a beautiful bubble in the official Oz posters, so why not blow a few bubbles following the good witch's lead?
    Photo: Teacher Source

“Oz The Great and Powerful” opens in U.S. theaters on March 8, 2013.



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