11 Reasons Why You Should Be Swimming Right Now

Look, it’s midsummer. The appeal of the heat, if not completely gone, has at least dissipated. Your kids are becoming susceptible to “Sunday Dread” as the back-to-school countdown approaches, making everyone cranky. How do you combat this? What’s the one summer activity that has the power to relax and restore you and your family? Swimming. Even the word is refreshing, crisp and clarifying.

Submerging yourself under water has major restorative power. Just being near the water is calming and a proven stress reliever (great for those of us who have visions of the apocalypse when temperatures rise over 86 degrees). Clearly John the Baptist knew what he was doing when he gave people a good dunk.

Monica Berg, founder of Raising Malawi, writes about the benefits of swimming for GOOP: “Is it possible that something as simple as water can wash away our fears, worries and doubts, and give us a sense of renewal and certainty?” In a word: yes. “Finding Nemo’s” own Dori, in one of her rare moments of clarity, said it best, “Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming!”

So there you go, swimming: the one thing John the Baptist, Gwyneth Paltrow and Dori all have in common. Have I convinced you yet? If not, here’s eleven more reasons to go jump in a lake:

  • Beat The Heat 1 of 11

    Duh. You'll cool off. Not just the ‘quick shower' kind of cooling off. You'll feel cooler for a couple of hours after if you spend a while in water.


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  • Loose As A Goose 2 of 11

    Nothing, and I mean nothing, beats that loose-limbed feeling you get after a few laps. Or even just splashing, playing or floating. (OK, maybe you can get this feeling from a dirty martini, but you don't get a hangover from swimming.)

  • Kids Can Skip The Bath That Night 3 of 11

    Self explanatory.

  • Life Skills 4 of 11

    Safety first. And safety dictates that everyone should know how to swim.

  • Ohhmmmmmmm Ommmmm 5 of 11

    Water is calming. There's a reason real estate with water views is exorbitantly priced. Water soothes the nerves just as well as those martinis!

  • Go The F@&^@$ To Sleep 6 of 11

    Not only can they skip the bath, they'll pass out right after you feed them dinner. Hurrah!

  • Take A Load Off 7 of 11

    The feeling of weightlessness is pure joy. Both for kids who love the lack of gravity, as well as parents who may have back, shoulder or knee pain from carrying, chasing or stooping to dress said kids.

  • Get Back To Where You Once Belonged 8 of 11

    Floating in water reminds us all of being in the womb, the ultimate safe place.

  • The Sounds of Silence 9 of 11

    Although the kids probably won't do this when they're having fun swimming, any screaming, yelling, fighting or whining is wonderfully muffled when you are underwater.

  • Burn, Baby Burn 10 of 11

    30 minutes of swimming can burn around 372 calories, writes Laura Schocker, the Healthy Living senior editor at The Huffington Post. Which makes you happier about getting into that swimsuit anyway.  

  • It’s FUN 11 of 11

    One of the few times you can feel like a kid again, even with the kids around. Jump in!

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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