11 things I’ve decided while traveling too much for work

1. Elite status only means anything when you’re on a plane with more than 12 rows.

2. Your kids may not realize you’re gone, because it’s the days they would have been at their dad’s anyway, but you sure know you’re gone.

3. Hotel housekeepers should not have to fold towels into animals or shells. They already do extremely physical jobs under time constraints, and the idea that they should be spending precious time folding towels into fancy shapes is ridiculous.

4. If the choice is between saving a little energy or leaving the light on so the housekeeper doesn’t have to walk into a dark room not knowing what she’ll find, I waste energy.

5. Getting a manicure in a strange city is a dicey proposition. Either it’ll suck and you’ll be kind of mad, or it’ll be the best manicure you’ve ever had and you’ll be mad that you can’t get another one that good.

6. RIC airport: You need to have better signage about how to get out of the airport to the correct highway.

7. I’d rather make elite status by miles than by segments. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened this year.

8. I can write a decent paper in the airport bar while my boss is buying me margaritas and turn it in on time before my flight leaves.

9. Mexican restaurants located by business traveler-level hotels often have crappy mole sauce but wonderful employees.

10. Getting a spot close to the elevator is more important than which floor you park on in the airport parking garage.

11. There’s no place like home.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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