12 Clever & Creative Ways to Present Holiday Gifts

If there’s one thing I love, Love, LOVE! about the holiday season, it is the crafty and clever ways to decorate and gift that people come up with. The holidays bring out the best ideas.

Plus it’s all normal to craft at this time of year so people don’t look at me like I’m crazy when I show up covered with glitter glue.

I’ve been pinning my favorite gift baskets, gift wrap and packaging ideas for over a year on my “Present Style Love” board on Pinterest and I keep finding myself going back to that board again and again for ideas for teacher and family gifts to make, pack prettily and fill up someone’s day with love and whimsy. Here are a few ideas from that board and beyond that I thought I’d share with you.

Note: Not all of these ideas require you to be crafty. I realize that not everyone enjoys glitter glue as much as I do.

Hopefully the thought of a game of catch with Santa, or an ice cream party with your neighbors will make your holiday brighter! If not, there’s always Door number 2… scroll through the slide show to see the project I’m currently working on for my family!

  • Emergency Use Only? 1 of 13
    Emergency Use Only?
    Can't pop over to Barcelona to do your shopping? Pack up some goodies in clear plastic sorters or empty pillboxes a'la Happy Pills. Image via Design Milk. I love this idea for a teacher's assistant or a friend you'd like to give a little something to.
  • The Cleverest Way to Package a Giftcard 2 of 13
    The Cleverest Way to Package a Giftcard
    Gift cards can be tricky to package. It's often a high value item but it doesn't have high wow factor stuffed in an envelope. Problem solved by The Creative Mama who came up with this way to present a gift card present that is simply amazeballs!
  • We all Scream for this Present 3 of 13
    We all Scream for this Present
    Here is a great gift for the neighbor who throws all the great block parties, for a younger sibling, for a family foodie… oh heck. Who doesn't like ice cream parties? Idea and image via Family Bites
  • Not for Players 4 of 13
    Not for Players
    Even though we ain't got money… I'm so in love with you honey…. This is the sweetest nearly free gift idea I've seen in a while. I want to make these for each of my kids. Only issue is that we only have decks that are missing a few cards. Which is kinda perfect for a project like this if you want to call it "50 things I love about you" or "49 reasons you are awesome" ! Image and idea via Craftster
  • Dish Wrap It 5 of 13
    Dish Wrap It
    Here's a perfect hostess gift or gift for a newish chef. I love how cleverly this cookbook is wrapped in a dish towel with wooden utensils to decorate the gift. The Housewife Rookie
  • Rudolph Would be Proud 6 of 13
    Rudolph Would be Proud
    I'm going to have to rush out and buy some red pom poms, googly eyes and brown pipe cleaners just in case I need to do some impromptu beer gifting this holiday season. How clever are these Reindeer Beers via Life of a Modern Mom?
  • Santa Says, “Let’s Play Ball!” 7 of 13
    Santa Says, "Let's Play Ball!"
    Sending presents can be a ball. So can sending art supplies, costume kits and flip flops. Check out this site for clever gifts weighing 13 oz or less that can be stamped and mailed. Wouldn't it be fun to send some red and green balls (from Santa at the North Pole of course)? Image and idea via Giver's Log
  • No Trees Were Harmed to Wrap this Present 8 of 13
    No Trees Were Harmed to Wrap this Present
    There's something so nice about fabric wrapping your gifts. Much more eco friendly and no giant guilt-inducing bag of wrapping paper to dispose of. Love a tree. Images via Oh Joy
  • A Case for Present Sacks 9 of 13
    A Case for Present Sacks
    After the presents, you can take a nap. Here's my own take on fabric gift wrap. We like to whip up a batch of pillowcases to present our presents in each holiday season. Half the joy is in matching the fabric to the recipient. Tutorial on Momfluential
  • Roll up Your Sleeves 10 of 13
    Roll up Your Sleeves
    Here's a wine bottle cover worthy of the CEO in your life just be sure to insert a good bottle of wine. Use an old/stained shirt and add cufflinks for extra flash. Perhaps tie with an old tie? Image and more ideas via In Your Back Pocket
  • Eye Candy for Sweet Treaters 11 of 13
    Eye Candy for Sweet Treaters
    This DIY Cupcake Kit holds so much promise in one small tin. It would be a delight to gift or get! Fill a lunch tin with cupcake liners, toppers and sprinkles that delight. Image via Bake it Pretty
  • Door number 2 12 of 13
    Door number 2
    I'm tagging Design Sponge for the inspiration on a gifting portal project I'm currently working on. I'm calling it "Door number 2" as in "What's behind Door number 2?". When the tooth fairy, Santa etc visit your home, sometimes they like to hide a little something (Cash? Gift card?) behind Door number 2. But there must be a Door number 2 to leave these gifts behind… Stay tuned!
  • Clever Gifting 13 of 13
    Clever Gifting
    There's no need to be boring with your gifts. Try some of these simple and clever ideas for packaging, wrapping and creating presents and this could be your most memorable holiday season ever!

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