12 Disney Costume Ideas for Siblings or Couples

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In my house it’s never too early to start thinking about Halloween costumes. There is such a thing as too early on Halloween decorations and candy, but costumes? NEVER. One must be prepared for such glorious occasions as dressing up and wandering around the neighborhood asking for candy! It’s no secret that my Disney love runs strong and deep, which means Halloween is known as HallowDisney, the day I can dress my entire family up like Disney Characters and THEY HAVE TO LIKE IT.

Now that I have two kids so far apart in age they little one kind of goes with whatever, which means once the big one chooses a costume (or one is suggested to her by me *cough cough*) I can go about planning a getup for the little one. And myself. And my husband. Here’s a few of the best Disney costume ideas I’ve had, one is THE ONE and the others are ones I’m hoping other people will use so I can live vicariously through their awesome costumes via social media at the end of October.

  • Disney Costume Ideas for Siblings, Couples or Families 1 of 13

    Your only limit now is your creativity and Disney knowledge!

  • Cruella and Some Puppies 2 of 13

    We pulled off a 101 Dalmatians theme in 2009. Addie wanted to be a Dalmatian so I just added to it with a crazy wig from the costume store and a fur coat purchased at a thrift store (later donated to the Humane Society.)

  • Queen of Hearts and Alice 3 of 13

    Alice in Wonderland is the easiest Disney film to pull obscure characters from. Why go with the obvious when you could go as a flamingo croquet mallet, a walrus, a carpenter or even a Tweedle?

  • Perry and Doof 4 of 13

    There's no greater Disney rivalry than that of Perry the Platypus and Heinz Doofenshmirtz. Vivi was Perry for her first Halloween and I found her dad a lab coat on eBay for $4. All he had to do was wear some gray trousers and a black shirt and he was Doof.

  • Ariel and Friends 5 of 13

    With The Littler Mermaid being re-released October 1st it's the perfect time to get a whole new generation fired up about one of the most classic Disney movies of all time.

  • Lumiere and Cogsworth 6 of 13

    Have siblings who fight a lot? Convince them to fight as a candle and clock in funny accents.

  • UP 7 of 13

    Next year. NEXT YEAR will be the year I pull off the UP themed costume with grand applause. Or maybe this year, who knows?

  • Peter, Hook and Tink 8 of 13

    Peter Pan is another movie you can easily pull several characters from. Lost Boys, a Crocodile, Hook, Pan and Tink would make a grand spectacle on Halloween. (Addie was Tinkerbell in 2008.)

  • Ralph, Vannelope and Felix 9 of 13

    This would be a pretty easy group of costumes to put together with thrift store finds. Add in this tutorial from my friend Mindy for Vanellope von Schweetz hair and you've got a mighty fine crowd there, mister.

  • Sorcerer Mickey and Yen Sid 10 of 13

    Here's one for the classic Disney fans, have a grumpy old guy that hates dressing up? Perfect! He's already got Sorcerer Yen Sid's grumpy scowl, now just get him a hat, a beard and a cloak! Mickey would be easy as well, add in a broom and bucket and try to stay out of the way of miscast spells.

  • Mary and Bert 11 of 13

    Now this is one Jolly Holiday of a costume idea. Even better if you can get both Mary and Bert's Jolly Holiday outfits and have your baby be a penguin.

    Mary Poppins is basically the best movie ever.

  • Rapunzel and Pascal 12 of 13

    This is what I'm going to try and pull off this year, Addie as Rapunzel, Vivi as Pascal, things may change though. Super bonus points if I can get Cody dressed up as Flynn Rider.

  • Woody, Buzz and Jessie 13 of 13

    Yee-haw and to infinity and beyond with a Toy Story themed costume. Not into cowboys or robots? How about Mr. Potato Head, a piggy bank or even a few troll dolls?

What great themes can you think of that I missed?

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