12 Great Tips for New Parents of Twins

I was recently trolling back through some old blog posts of mine to fix some technical-y-Search-Engine-y stuff, and came across a post I wrote last June in which I offered up some somewhat unexpected advice for new moms of twins. And it got me thinking: maybe it would be fun to get some of your advice for new parents of multiples—along with that of some fellow Babble writers—and compile it here.

Also, I confess: I’m having a bit of a dip mood-wise (Ah, my old pal depression. I wish you’d just send postcards instead of feeling the need to visit. You may miss me, but I really don’t miss you. At all. Ever). And when I feel this way, words don’t come as easily. Whereas making cute little graphics in Photoshop (which you’ll see below) does.

Anyway, I put out the call on Facebook for your advice, and got tons of responses. ‘Twas glorious!

A lot of the same advice came up again and again: Get help. Get them on the same schedule. Hang in there. Etc. So it was hard to choose which tips to feature, but here were my favorites — all of which rang very true to me — in no particular order. Enjoy. Add your advice in the comments. And pass this along to any new or expectant parents of multiples that you know.

  • Google is not your friend. 1 of 13
    Google is not your friend.
    From Linda Marsicano Visit her blog
  • Admitting you need help is the first step 2 of 13
    Admitting you need help is the first step
    Submitted by Lisa
  • Yes. Yes, you do. 3 of 13
    Yes. Yes, you do.
    Submitted by Alison
  • What do they know, anyway? 4 of 13
    What do they know, anyway?
    Submitted by Alyssa
  • The Best Medicine 5 of 13
    The Best Medicine
    Submitted by Cindy
  • If you must go to the store with twins… 6 of 13
    If you must go to the store with twins...
    From Babble Voices blogger Sarah Braesche, (a.k.a. Goon Squad Sarah). Visit her blog
  • Hands off, please 7 of 13
    Hands off, please
    Submitted by Tracy
  • Keep a pen handy 8 of 13
    Keep a pen handy
    Submitted by Denise
  • Get them in synch, stet! 9 of 13
    Get them in synch, stet!
    Submitted by Donna
  • Or, don’t get them in synch… 10 of 13
    Or, don't get them in synch...
    Submitted by Danielle
  • Step away from the babies, Ma’am 11 of 13
    Step away from the babies, Ma'am
    Submitted by Janis
  • Bonus: Triplet Advice!! 12 of 13
    Bonus: Triplet Advice!!
    From Babble Voices blogger John Cave Osborne. Visit his blog
  • Last but certainly not least… 13 of 13
    Last but certainly not least...
    Submitted by Kris


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