12 Kid Shows From the ’70s

hrpufnstufDo you remember popular kid shows from when you were little? If you were anything like me TV was one of your very best friends. Maybe only friend -that is if TV even wanted to hang out with you -which it did only if you were wearing the right jeans. Okay, I’ve already brought this post to a sad place. My childhood wasn’t all that bad. BUT, if I’m being honest, TV was one of the highlights. Back then we only had a couple of channels to choose from but it was enough! There were some fantastic shows, some can’t miss viewing! Of course, I’ve seen a few of these in the past couple of years and they really don’t hold up. H.R. Pufnstuf looks like someone produced it in the middle of a bad acid trip with one camera and a few weird guys he found in the park that were willing to throw on a costume in exchange for a turkey sandwich. But I still remember it fondly. And here are 11 more shows that gave me comfort and remind me that being a kid didn’t always suck.

  • Sigmund and the Seamonster 1 of 11
    Sigmund and the Seamonster

    Remember that shock of red hair? Those googly sea monster eyes? The chaotic way the green guys ran after the kids? Pure bliss!

  • Zoom! 2 of 11
    Come on and ZOOM, Come on and ZOOM,
    Come on and ZOOM. Come on and ZOOM,
    Come on and ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM-a ZOOM.
    Come on and ZOOM, Come on and ZOOM
    Come on and ZOOM, Come on and ZOOM
    Come on and ZOOM-a ZOOM-a ZOOM-a ZOOM.
    Nuff said.
  • Electric Company 3 of 11
    The Electric Company

    Along with Sesame Street, this show taught me to read! I remember watching Sesame Street then Electric Company then Mister Rogers' Neighborhood and then Zoom! I didn't put Mr. Rogers in here because to be honest, I found that shit boring at the time. Too much time for changing sneakers and outerwear. Not enough puppet time.

  • Fat Albert 4 of 11
    Fat Albert

    Fat Albert. You knew him, you loved him. I grew up in an all black neighborhood so this show pretty much depicted my life despite being a little white girl with no rhythm. Also, I didn't live in NY. We don't need to get technical here.

  • Speed Racer 5 of 11
    Speed Racer

    "Here he comes, here comes Speed Racer, he's a demon on wheels. He's a demon and he's gonna be cruising after someone." Or something like that. I don't have time to Wikipedia every damn thing I write.

  • Lidsville 6 of 11

    So Lidsville which was also Sid and Marty Croft and was on Tues and Thurs afternoons while H.R. Pufnstuf was on MWF. I secretly loved Lidsville even more than H.R. possibly due to Charles Nelson Reilly's voice. As with H.R., there were clearly more than enough drugs going around the writers' room with this show. Or possibly the whole thing was just improvised. Wouldn't you love to see a script from that time? It would probably read like this:

    Mark: Whoa! You guys are all hats! Cool.

    Nursie and Rah Rah: (some crazy shit that hats would say)

  • Kimba 7 of 11

    Kimba The White Lion was my all time favorite kids' show. It aired on channel 52 which was on UHF at my house and could only come in semi-clearly if the rabbit ears antennae were endlessly maneuvered around or held by my friend the whole time. Later the Japanese company that produced Kimba would sue Disney claiming it ripped them off with Lion King. And guess what: they totally did! Simba -Kimba? Come on.

  • Underdog 8 of 11

    Oh yeah! I lived for Underdog. I'm not sure why. It came on in a run of a few favorites and if I could manage to keep watching before my mother came home from work I saw it. I had to run the risk that my mom would walk in and feel the TV to see if it was still warm since I was technically only allowed to watch 30 min when I got home from school. Did I mention I was a latch key kid? Stop crying, things worked out okay.

  • Felix the Cat 9 of 11

    Felix the cat, the wonderful wonderful cat. Whenever he gets in a fix he reaches into his bag of tricks! Felix the...

    Sorry, I got caught up in the nostalgia. I loved Felix and his funny voice. But don't try to watch old episodes. It sadly doesn't hold up.

  • Land of the Lost 10 of 11
    Land of the Lost

    Holy crap that was a good show! Will and Holly and dad Rick trying to outrun the Sleestaks and get back to their home or something like that. It was yet another Sid and Marty Kroft show. Those guys had the damn monopoly on kids' TV! How rich are they right now? I should Google that. Or someone else should and then get back to me with photos of their mansion or stories of their vacations or something.

  • Shazam! 11 of 11

    All I remember about this show was that this young guy yelled Shazam! and turned into an action heroish dude. Also there was an old guy who was his mentor. The show was on like 40 years ago so I can't be expected to remember everything. Jeez.

    If you can think of more shows I missed then leave them in the comments!

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