12 Mom Bloggers Share How They Give Back to Good Causes

Jennifer Barbour gives back through her blog Another Jennifer.

Giving back means a lot of different things to various people. Giving back, for some, may mean opening up their checkbook for worthy causes. For others, it may mean volunteering at the local women’s shelter. To others, giving back may be spreading the word about important causes online or becoming a member of nonprofit organizations’ board of directors.¬†Giving back to good causes, in fact, is quite unique to everyone. What is wonderful about these twelve mom bloggers is they all give back in diverse ways.

Some of the moms throw charity events while others use their blog to raise awareness about issues important to them. Some of these mom bloggers volunteer at local charities for women or volunteer abroad. In short, these women are doing wonderful things for others that works for them and their families.

I know so many of you are doing amazing things as well to give back. In fact, I will likely make this a regular series as I explore the ways in which moms donate their time and efforts and even money to worthy causes.

Share the ways in which you’re giving back!

  • Nicole Melancon 1 of 12
    Nicole Melancon
    Every year for the last three, I've gone on a volunteer trip solo to a third-world country to give back. The last three years I've gone to Morocco, Guatemala and Costa Rica where I've worked with women, children and at a nursing home. - Third Eye Mom
  • Brenna Burke 2 of 12
    Brenna Burke
    Locally, I volunteer at my boys' public school and serve on the Board of Directors for two non-profits focused on giving back to the community, albeit in completely different ways. I donate time and money to a shelter for women and children who are victims of domestic abuse, the only emergency shelter in the whole county. Globally, I donate my voice. - Almost All the Truth
  • Grace Biskie 3 of 12
    Grace Biskie
    The hubs and I give a significant source of our income to sponsor children through World Vision and to people and organizations like the International Justice Mission. For over 12 years I worked in the non-profit sector directly with college students and gave them vision and opportunities to serve the poor including leading teams of students over the summer to serve directly with the poor in both U.S. and overseas organizations dealing with human right issues. - Gabbing With Grace
  • Katrina Moody 4 of 12
    Katrina Moody
    I put together awareness and advocacy campaigns on a national and global (and community!) level with my newly coined "Awareness in Action" campaigns, with the goal of moving past awareness and into action (or advocacy) for specific special needs. - Kat's Cafe
  • Gina Baker 5 of 12
    Gina Baker
    I am planning a Shot of Chocolate Party for the non-profit, Shot@Life. Participants coming to the party get a custom event shot glass which they get to keep and a chance to win some great prizes. They then get to taste chocolate from local vendors, some of which have won worldwide recognition for their quality. All ticket proceeds are donated to Shot@Life. - Shot of Chocolate
  • Julia Gibson 6 of 12
    Julia Gibson
    I volunteer with our local United Way program called The Clubhouse. They provide after school programs for disadvantaged youth in the community. They provide homework help, tutoring, skills training, and other fun activities like crafts and dance. - Mom on the Run x2
  • Jennifer Barbour 7 of 12
    Jennifer Barbour
    I do advocacy, fundraising and communications for nonprofits here in Maine, but I always feel there's more to do. I've used my blog - Another Jennifer - to explore the concept of philanthropy. Through this exploration, I started a giving pledge and a series called Philanthropy Friday. I now donate money to at least one nonprofit each month through my writing and consulting business.
  • Paula Rudnicka 8 of 12
    Paula Rudnicka
    I am a human rights lawyer and I work at an international legal development organization which promotes the rule of law worldwide. My research and activities focus on women's rights, global health issues (particularly addressing HIV-related discrimination), and combating trafficking in persons. I try to stay as active as possible in my local community. I co-op in my sons' preschool and I serve on the school's fundraising committee. Social Good Matters
  • Amy Sullivan 9 of 12
    Amy Sullivan
    I blog and write about family service and practical ways families can serve others, even on a small scale. My family and I volunteer through multiple organizations, but sometimes I feel like the biggest impact we have is engaging with the people around us. - Amy Sullivan
  • Sapphire Kharyzma 10 of 12
    Sapphire Kharyzma
    I dedicate percentages of all of my income -- via The Goddess Project -- in efforts to help fund the fight for social change for women and children and causes in general! - Media Maven
  • Sojourner Marable Grimmett 11 of 12
    Sojourner Marable Grimmett
    I spearheaded and co-founded a national campaign, "Support Table for Two" to establish public lactation rooms for breastfeeding mothers. You wouldn't eat in the bathroom, so why would you expect a baby to? - Support Table for Two
  • Barb Webb 12 of 12
    Barb Webb
    Mother Theresa has always been a source of inspiration for me. One quote that always sticks with me is, "If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one." Every day, I try to find that one. - Rural Mom

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