From Sweet and Sassy to Downright Naughty

There are 12 Days left until Christmas Day.

Yesterday was 12/12/12.

In honor of the number 12, I’ve put together The 12 Days of Elf on The Shelf…

This gallery of Elf on The Shelf has ideas that range from Sweet and Sassy to Somewhat Mischievous to Downright Naughty.

Make sure your kids are in their rooms, that your stick-in-the-mud-boss is in their office and that you’ve got your sense of humor firmly in place.

  • Scissors and Snowflakes 1 of 12
    Scissors and Snowflakes
    Is this elf being mischievous, or is he merely helping to decorate for Christmas?
    Image via A Small Snippet
  • Taking a Nap with a Friend 2 of 12
    Taking a Nap with a Friend
    Imagine the giggles from your kids when they find their Elf on The Shelf taking a nap with his own "stuffed animal"
    image via Home Stories A to Z
  • Caught in The Candy Jar 3 of 12
    Caught in The Candy Jar
    Mischief Managed - This little elf definitely got caught with more than his hand in the candy jar!
    image via The Arthur Clan
  • Elf Sized Pancakes 4 of 12
    Elf Sized Pancakes
    This sweet elf on the shelf made breakfast for the family! Hope he cleaned up the kitchen.
    image via Home Stories A to Z
  • Photo Hog 5 of 12
    Photo Hog
    This mischievous elf replaced all the family photos with pictures of himself! image via
    What's Under The Stone
  • Making Sugar Angels 6 of 12
    Making Sugar Angels
    An Iconic image of Christmas is definitely the snow angel, Jen McKen's elf had a little fun making *snow* angels in the house with her baking supplies.
  • Elf on The Shelf Coloring Contest 7 of 12
    Elf on The Shelf Coloring Contest
    This coloring contest idea from Elf on The Shelf Ideas is a brilliant way to have your Elf on The Shelf play with your young artists, and make a keepsake.
  • ABC’s 8 of 12
    It's hard to get mad at an Elf who's just trying to practice his ABC's and help your kids with letter recognition, too.
    Image via A Small Snippet
  • 21 and Over Only 9 of 12
    21 and Over Only
    Sometimes it's hard being an elf... This is for the 21 and over crowd.... Bob on a Bender
  • The Fun Never Ends Elf 10 of 12
    The Fun Never Ends Elf
    This naughty elf wants to make sure there's always a young one for Santa to visit in this household. Image via
    Jessica Marchetti
  • Naughty Bits in a Box 11 of 12
    Naughty Bits in a Box
    Adventure Mama Blog's Elf is obviously a JT fan and a fan of Saturday Night Live
  • Why You Shouldn’t Name Your Elf Dexter 12 of 12
    Why You Shouldn't Name Your Elf Dexter
    ... or leave your TV without really strong Parental Controls!
    image via Erin Hensley

Do y’all have an Elf on The Shelf?

Ours is named Charlie.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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