13 Childhood Experiences a Video Game Can’t Replace

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The era in which we live has led us to believe that for a child to be happy, he must own an electronic tablet, or the latest video games. As adults, this continues as we feel the need to have the most advanced phone or computer. As a result, instead of expanding our capabilities and strengthening our reasoning skills and physical wellbeing, we have fallen dramatically. We’ve made everything more convenient while replacing the natural experience of living with apps that practically think for us and drive-through services that limit our basic need to put forth the effort of a few steps to buy a drink.

The most important life skills are learned through childhood experiences. In a very natural way and through simple games, we learn to use our imagination and intelligence to find creative ways to face challenges for the rest of our lives! Solving those small challenges provides us with the pride and personal satisfaction that build our self-esteem that serves us forever. Here are 13 childhood experiences that build skills, self-esteem, and increase abilities that simply cannot be replaced by an app or video game.

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  • A Game of Darts 2 of 14

    It helps to improve concentration ability. It also exercises hand-eye coordination. For young kids, try the ones that come with magnets or velcro so no one loses an eye!

  • Flying disc or Frisbee 3 of 14

    This outdoor game provides physical movement and builds strong thinking skills. Also improves coordination and develops self-esteem

  • Bubbles 4 of 14

    Bubbles are magical. For young kids or kids with special needs, they promote strong oral muscles. Teach young kids to blow, and to use their lips to repeat the "pop-pop" sound when they disappear.  Windy days are perfect for bubbles. Small children get surprised and excited when they turn into rounded rainbows under the sun.

  • Picnic 5 of 14

    Involve the kids in every step of having a picnic. From cooking or putting together sandwiches, to carrying the basket, and finding a good place to sit down and enjoy, those are sweet memories that will forever stay in their hearts

  • Beach Time with water, sand and free play 6 of 14

    Use everything around to keep them busy and excited. Plastic molds for making "fossils" are a great idea. Write their names on the sand and help them decorate with shells.

  • Magnifying Glass Play 7 of 14

    Explore the backyard. Watch ants, flowers and small creatures closely to help your child learn and feel empowered to explore their environment. The experience will delight their sight and imagination

  • Throwing Rocks into water 8 of 14

    This basic activity is relaxing and creates a special time, perfect for carefree communication and stress reduction for everyone. This is a great way to help them relax and it is free and fun

  • Ride a Bicycle 9 of 14

    Riding a bike is an experience that gives kids a sense of independence and freedom. Riding a bicycle may be the first time a child feels in charge of his own decisions, and feels responsible for them as well

  • Flying a kite 10 of 14

    Harder than it looks, this activity builds determination and perseverance. It teaches them to be creative and gives them a great sense of satisfaction when achieved

  • Play with water toys 11 of 14

    Run, play, laugh and have fun. Get wet and act like a child yourself, your kid will never forget the times you meet them entirely on their level.

  • Jump on a Trampoline 12 of 14

    Relaxing and great for keeping them busy outdoors, and indoors during winter or rainy days.

  • Swings 13 of 14

    Fly high, dream and be brave. Learning to pump their legs is a great physical and mental coordination activity.

  • Monkey Bars 14 of 14

    Strong arms, concentration and the ability to face challenges are critical advantages in life. Best of all, monkey bars are available for free at your local park.

Living in a highly technological era, many times we forget the value of the simple things. A child doesn’t really need a video game or electronic tablet. What he definitely needs is time with his family to explore, learn, and feel celebrated and loved with real learning, laughing, and experiences.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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