13 Healthy Halloween Treats Your Kids Will Devour

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I love Halloween so much. It’s my favorite. I don’t understand why we all can’t have the day off. And the day after off. That would be ideal. Every year we have friends over for a pre-trick or treating party. At these parties, I stuff those kids with tons of healthy food so they have less room for candy later. The best part is that they have so much fun hanging out with their buds and making all these healthy treats, they don’t even know THAT I’M TRICKING THEM INTO EATING LESS CANDY. Mwaaaa haaaa haa!!!!

Sometimes our pre-party is more fun than the actual trick or treating. It’s also a great alternative if you can’t (or don’t want to) go trick or treating with your kids. Here are some of the things I make and some things I found on Pinterest and tried for the first time. After I made the whole spread, I had a tasting panel of 6 hungry kids over to try everything out. Not to sound braggy or anything, but they loved it.

For even more healthy Halloween-themed treats, you can check out my Pinterest board.

Let’s get started!

  • Let’s get started! 1 of 13

    These healthy snacks will fill your kids up so there's less room for that not-so-healthy candy. An added bonus: This makes it easier for parents to pilfer all the best stuff and stash it away for after bedtime. I call dibs on the Mounds bars.

  • Mummy Dogs! 2 of 13

    I used low-fat turkey hot dogs and reduced-fat crescent rolls. Then I baked them until golden brown based on the crescent rolls' instructions. When they cooled, I dipped a toothpick in some mustard and dotted on some eyeballs. My kids love these every year, and they're very filling.

  • Candy Corn Veggies 3 of 13

    Cauliflower, baby carrots and yellow pepper make a very cute candy corn crudite. Of course you're going to need some low fat ranch dressing, hummus, or salsa for dipping. My kids love how this looks, but the grown-ups usually end up eating it.

  • Clementine Jack-o-Lanterns 4 of 13

    Aren't these the cutest?! And so easy. All it took was a large-tip Sharpie to turn these healthy little fruits into Halloween treats. One tip to make this project easier: Have some paper towels handy, and wipe down each clementine to remove excess oils, etc., from the fruit's skin before drawing on it.

    These are the perfect thing to bring to a class Halloween party.

  • … and throw in some dark plums for added spookiness! 5 of 13

    These nearly black plums looked really great with the clementine jack-o-lanterns, so I added them to the dish. I told my kids they were actually juicy black hearts, and the little monsters ate all of them. WIN!

  • Black and Orange Mini Skewers 6 of 13

    I put blackberries and small chunks of cantaloupe on frilly orange toothpicks. Believe it or not, these were one of the first things to go on the buffet table. Their small size makes them just right for kids. Even though blackberries can be expensive, because you're only using one per skewer, you get a lot for your money.

  • Apple Mouths 7 of 13

    These were far and away the kids' favorite thing on the table. They're cheap and easy to make, too. Each bite-size snack requires just two red apple slices with four or five mini-marshmallows laid out like teeth in between them, all pinned together by a toothpick. I'm serious, you guys: Make a ton of these because your kids will eat all of them!

  • Ghost Toast 8 of 13

    Ghost toast is merely toast slathered in cream cheese and cut into the shape of a ghost. Use some raisins to make a spooky face. Too easy, right?

  • Banana Ghosts 9 of 13

    More ghosts — but this time, they're made of bananas. Mine look pretty lame compared to some of the banana ghosts you can find on Pinterest. Some are frozen and turned into pops, while others are dipped in white chocolate or icing. Any way you do it, a banana cut in half is just the right shape and size to be turned into a healthy ghost treat.

  • Jack-o-Lantern Cheese 10 of 13

    Take any kind of orange cheese slices, and cut out jack-o-lantern faces. You can stick them under the broiler to melt them or just make open-face sandwiches out of them. I've seen this done really well on Pinterest with hamburgers, too.

  • Baby Broomsticks 11 of 13

    Aren't these awesome? They're not as fancy as some versions you can find on Pinterest, but they still rock. I cut cheese sticks into thirds then cut the tips to resemble the bottom of a broom. The broom handle is a mini-pretzel stick. Suggestion: Be very careful inserting pretzels into cheese sticks, as the cheese stick may break. It can still be arranged to look pretty on a serving platter, but it will fall apart when you pick it up.

  • Terrifying Spaghetti and Eyeballs 12 of 13

    My extremely awesome friend Ann Jones made this dinner for her family one Halloween. She bought the black spaghetti at Target (it was a Halloween special), and used meatballs and olives to make eyeballs. You may also be able to find black squid ink spaghetti at a specialty grocer or online.

    Photo credit: Ann Jones

  • Bagel Bites Mummy Faces 13 of 13

    I took store-bought Bagel Bites and baked them in the oven. When they cooled down, I cut olives in half to make eyeballs. The kids loved how they looked, but they universally picked off the eyeballs before they ate them! 

Photo Credits: Julie Miner (and I apologize, I’m no food photographer, you guys.)

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