13 Money Resolutions to Spend Less In 2013

I’m a water sign, and I’m not sure if this is related or not (frankly, I barely know what it all means), but the truth is money flows like water around here…in and out. This is especially the case as we’re attempting to update my great grandparents’ house. My son and I are making some resolutions this year…and 13 of them are around money. Here’s what I’m thinking.

1. Cook more. I’m not sure this will be a big money saver at first, but I think the better I get at it, the better I’ll get at spending less doing it. That’s just math.

2. Buy a French press. I’ll enjoy better coffee and spend much less on coffee every day.

3. Pick one exercise and do it. I currently have a gym membership and a membership to a yoga place. This is dumb. I’m picking just one. I’m thinking it’s yoga.

4. Walk more. This helps with fitness / feel good goals and saves gas money and parking money. Double win.

5. Cut one monthly expense. I’m going to go through my bank statements with a red pen, and I’m going to cut (at least) one monthly expense. Cable, reoccurring fees, dumb memberships, some random monthly thing I’m signed up for. Who knows what. This will probably be the best thing ever.

6. Get rid of storage. I’m sad to admit I’ve had a storage unit for waaay too long. I’m positive that I’ve paid more for the stupid unit than the things inside are actually worth. This fact makes me sad, and I’m getting rid of it. And having a massive yard sale.

7. Borrow more. Next time I start to buy something random that I’ll probably use only one time, I’m going to first ask around and see if some other poor soul bought a similar item that he or she never uses. And then I’m going to borrow it to use that one time.

8. Remember the dollar store. I have six dollar stores within five miles from my house. I should go to these places more often.

9. Install a programmable thermostat. We just installed the Nest thermostat. It is beautiful. And it’s already saving us money.

10. Plan a weekly soup night. My friend does this and it’s so smart. What a great way to help fulfill #1 and to use leftovers for good. Plus, soup every week. Awesome.

11. Use cloth napkins. They make me happy. And I won’t purchase napkins every few weeks. This goes for paper towels too. No more. They’re dead to me.

12. Shop at thrift stores. All the cool kids do this. And they save tons of money. I want to try this.

13. Just spend less. It’s not that hard. We all have too much stuff…and really less is more.

So here’s to less in 2013. Let’s do it, friends!

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