13 Super Recipes for the Big Game!

Are you ready for some football?

Whenever someone brings up the Super Bowl, I immediately think back to growing up and that Sunday of Sundays: the palpable excitement amongst all the sports lovers in my home, lots of yummy food everywhere, and the added promise of excellent commercials for hours to come.

I may have grown up in a family of football fans, but I married someone whose interest in watching sports has sort of waned over the years. Surprisingly, my husband would rather go out and do stuff than sit on a couch and watch a game. Still, this Sunday’s big game is one of the only days of the year we both get charged up to watch some football and make some deliciously fun party food.

To help you plan for your big game day, here are 13 super recipes to choose from! What will you be munching on this Sunday? And who are you cheering for?!

  • Soft Pretzels 1 of 13
    1 soft pretzels

    Recipe and Photo by Weelicious!

    I've never met a kid who didn't love him or herself a warm, soft, doughy pretzel to tear into pieces and savor, or just teeth on, as both of my kids did starting from when they were a year old. I remember watching Chloe gum her way through a whole one (after I rubbed every speck of salt off of it!). Hot Pretzels with mustard for dipping are perfect game day food for fans of any age!

  • Mini Flatbreads with Delicata Squash and Feta 2 of 13
    2 Aida-Mollenkamp-Squash-Goat-Cheese-Cereal-Mini-Flatbreads-590-2

    Recipe and Photo by Aida Mollenkamp.

    When it comes time for parties, bite-sized foods are in order! That doesn't mean they can't still be amazingly delicious! Case in point: Mini Flatbreads with Delicata Squash and Feta!

  • Sweet and Sour Meatballs 3 of 13
    3 meatballs this week for dinner

    Recipe and Photo by This Week for Dinner!

    Meatballs! These ones are super easy to make and call for only 4 ingredients! How much easier does it get for game day?

  • Pork Flautas 4 of 13
    4 Flautas Hola Jalapeno

    Recipe and Photo by Hola Jalapeno!

    Another simple recipe to complete your game day fare. 3 ingredient pork flautas. Can you say YUUUUMMM!

  • Layered Lentil Nachos 5 of 13

    Recipe and Photo by Mom's Kitchen Handbook!

    Now this is a recipe I wish I had thought up myself! Who doesn't love nachos, right?! They're easy to throw together, fully customizable, and perfect finger food for football watching. Well, these bad boys have an ingredient that actually makes them quite healthy!

  • Hot Kale and Bacon Dip 6 of 13
    6 Hot Kale Dip - Whats Gaby Cooking

    Recipe and Photo by What's Gaby Cooking!

    I can't even look at this amazing Hot Kale and Bacon Dip  without drooling all over my keyboard! Excuse me while I polish off this bowl ...

  • Red Bell Pepper Hummus 7 of 13
    14 Super Bowl Recipes

    Recipe and Photo by Weelicious!

    This thick and creamy dip has a beautiful bright red color and rich creamy flavor, but instead of using a ton of oil to thicken it, I add sweet roasted bell peppers which make for an equally smooth texture while eliminating a lot of the fat and calories that define most football fare.

  • Korean Fried Chicken 8 of 13
    8 Korean chicken Eat the love

    Recipe and Photo by Eat The Love!

    You just cannot have a Super Bowl party without the chicken wings! That would be downright awful and a waste of a good food day! Try these mouthwatering Korean Fried Chicken wings this Sunday!

  • Truffled Popcorn 9 of 13
    9 truffledpopcorn-shutterbean

    Recipe and Photo by Shutterbean!

    Popcorn is quite possibly my favorite snack in the entire world. I could eat it every day, several times a day, and still crave more! This Truffled Popcorn is certainly not helping my addiction!

  • Pull Apart Pizza Bread 10 of 13
    10 Pizza-Pull-Apart-Bread-by-Cravings-of-a-Lunatic-4

    Recipe and Photo by Craving of a Lunatic!

    Pizza, pizza, pizza! I know two little people who would be thrilled to munch on just pizza for the entire game, plus halftime, plus all those awesome commercials! I can't wait to see how excited my kids will be when I take this Pull Apart Pizza Bread out of the oven on Sunday! I will definitely win Mom of the Year!

  • Cheddar Cheese Puffs 11 of 13
    11 Cheddar-Cheese-Puffs-2

    Recipe and Photo by Weelicious!

    Somewhere between a soft cracker and a tiny scone, each one of these Cheddar Cheese Puffs is coated with your choice of either sesame or poppy seeds although they are equally delicious naked, without seeds. I have a feeling these will be one of the first things to disappear at your football watching party!

  • Pepperoni Pretzel Knots 12 of 13
    13 Whole-Wheat-Pepperoni-Pretzel-Knots-2-Barbara-Bakes

    Recipe and Photo by Barbara Bakes!

    We've already established that both pretzels and pizza belong on your game day menu. What if we combine the two for something that is hot, chewy, flavorful, and perfect for dipping?! Yeah, these Whole Wheat Pepperoni Pretzel Knots are just the ticket!

  • Beef Street Tacos 13 of 13
    14 street tacos bev cooks

    Recipe and Photo by Bev Cooks!

    You better buy enough ingredients to double, or maybe triple this recipe, because on game day, the Simple Beef Street Tacos are going to be the most popular event. What halftime show? Gimme more tacos!

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