13 Superstitions You Shouldn’t Mess With on Friday the 13th

It’s almost Friday the 13th and you know what that means:

Bad luck!

We’re a little superstitious here at Casa de Chaos. There are some quirky beliefs that pop up only once in a while, while others occur on a daily basis.

“It’s 11:11! Make a wish!”

Not every common superstition bugs us. We’re quite likely to pet a black cat, should one cross our path. Certain other things, we don’t mess with.  Some of these superstitions are practically tradition, inherited from grandparents. Others have been adopted by my kids.

Any of these look familiar to you? How many of these 13 superstitions do you “believe” in? Photos after the jump!

  • Make a Wish and Blow Out the Candles 1 of 13
    Make a Wish and Blow Out the Candles
    Technically we believe that you get two wishes on your birthday. The first when you blow out the candles, the second when you cut the cake!
  • Fortune Cookie Rules 2 of 13
    Fortune Cookie Rules
    You must open the first cookie that you touch. Once you touch it (unless you work at the restaurant) the fortune inside is yours. Adding "in bed" to the end of the fortune is optional.
  • Lost Lashes 3 of 13
    Lost Lashes
    Losing an eyelash is no reason to cry. It's a wish-op! You must catch it on a fingertip (someone else can do this for you) and blow.
  • There’s Been Some Talk…. 4 of 13
    There's Been Some Talk....
    When your ears are ringing, someone has been talking about you. If it's the right ear, they are saying nice things. If it's the left ... look out!
  • Never Kill a Spider 5 of 13
    Never Kill a Spider
    There are exceptions to this rule for poisonous archanids, of course. But you'd better be sure that's a black widow you're squishing. The boys in our house are expert spider re-locators.
  • Jinx, Double Jinx! 6 of 13
    Jinx, Double Jinx!
    When two people say the same thing at the same time, the first one to call this out is not forced to take a vow of silence, or risk bad luck. I'm not even sure why we follow this, but we do.
  • He Loves Me 7 of 13
    He Loves Me
    Flowers are very reliable, you know. Plucking petals to determine the faithfulness of your paramour is a popular pastime ... particularly with pre-teens.
  • Eww… Are you sure it’s Good Luck? 8 of 13
    Eww... Are you sure it's Good Luck?
    When a bird poops on you or you step in dog poop it sure doesn't feel like good luck. But just wait...
  • Heads Up Pennies! 9 of 13
    Heads Up Pennies!
    Find a penny, pick it up and all day you'll have good luck — but only if it's heads up! So don't go picking up tails-up pennies!
  • Lucky as a Four-Leaf Clover 10 of 13
    Lucky as a Four-Leaf Clover
    Four-leaf clovers are certainly good luck, if you can find them. But you'll never find them unless you look!
  • No Shoes on the Table 11 of 13
    No Shoes on the Table
    I've inherited this one from my superstitious mother. I'm too scared to ask what might happen. Even a brand new pair of Louboutins, still in the box, would make my mom shudder should they be placed on the table.
  • Don’t Cry Over Spilled Salt 12 of 13
    Don't Cry Over Spilled Salt
    This harbinger of bad luck can be reversed. Just throw a pinch of the salt over your left shoulder, quick!
  • The Wish Trap 13 of 13
    The Wish Trap
    Wishes won't come true if you go around telling people what you wished for. I like to leave subtle hints around instead, like a catalog page with a big circle around an item and the words "I want this bag for my birthday" written in red lipstick.

Are there any unique superstitions that your family follows? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Note: Friday the 13th actually isn’t a big deal for us, but just to be on the safe side, I’m not leaving home without my good luck charms.It seems like the perfect day to don a little glass “eye” beaded bracelet to repel any stray curses or evil eyes, doesn’t it?

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