14 Recipes for a Special Christmas Breakfast!

Christmas morning you and your brood will wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed with excitement for the day ahead! So why not make the day even more magical by starting it off with a special Christmas breakfast? Okay, and maybe open a gift or two. How long can you really hold the kids off from diving under the tree? Make a few of these recipes to make your special Christmas breakfast so enticing that the family will actually want to take a break from unwrapping gifts to get their bellies full for the big day ahead. These recipes are perfect for an intimate breakfast for two all the way up to a huge extended family and friends breakfast of twenty! I’ve compiled 14 recipes to make your special Christmas breakfast easy to pull off as well as super magical, special, delicious and comforting! What more could you ask for on this special day?

Do you have a special Christmas breakfast tradition? I’d love to hear all about it!

  • Christmas Breakfast Strata 1 of 14

    When I tell you this Christmas Breakfast Strata couldn't be easier, I mean it. The bonus is that kids love it too. And really, what's not to love? Eggs, cheese, bread and sausage ... yummy. Best of all, you can make it the night before, refrigerate it and all you have to do is throw it in the oven Christmas morning.


    Recipe and Photo by Weelicious!

  • Chocolate Chip Banana Bread 2 of 14

    I grew up with my mother making Chocolate Chip Banana Bread. It was one of my favorite childhood treats and always reminds me of my mother to this day. Gaby's version holds up pretty well against my memories which makes this a pretty special recipe!


    Recipe and Photo by What's Gaby Cooking! 

  • Orange Ricotta Sweet Rolls 3 of 14

    If you're planning a special breakfast, then you should definitely include these Orange Ricotta Sweet Rolls. They take the ordinary cinnamon roll up about 1,000 notches into something heavenly!


    Recipe and Photo by Hola Jalapeño! 

  • Breakfast Pasta 4 of 14

    Breakfast Pasta! Whaaaaaaat?! People love pasta, and Teri Lyn and Jenny love to give the people what they want: An excuse to eat pasta for breakfast. I seriously can't get over how genius this is! 


    Recipe and Photo by Spoon, Fork, Bacon! 

  • Maple Bacon Doughnuts 5 of 14

    I know you stopped reading at Maple Bacon Doughnuts, but I urge you to snap out of it, stop drooling on your keyboard, and click over to get this bonkers good recipe from Tracy right now!


    Recipe and Photo by Shutterbean! 

  • Egg and Bacon Muffin Cups 6 of 14

    These Egg and Bacon Muffin Cups may look fancy, but they're really quite simple. You may want to keep that fact a secret so everyone will think you slaved away for hours in the kitchen making them something extra special. And if you want to make this dish even more kid friendly, let your kids squirt a dollop of ketchup on their plates to dip away. It only adds to the fun of this out of the ordinary and supremely tasty recipe.


    Recipe and Photo by Weelicious! 

  • Cranberry Nut and Seed Spread 7 of 14

    Add a little something special to your bagel display for Christmas breakfast. Cranberry Nut and Seed Spread is not only a fabulous spread for bagels, but it is healthy, too!


    Recipe and Photo by Aggie's Kitchen! 

  • Pumpkin Waffles 8 of 14

    I've been making my Pumpkin Waffles forever. With a sweet pumpkin flavor offset by warm fall spices, fluffy inside and crispy golden outside, they're an irresistible treat that are especially perfect at this time of year.


    Recipe and Photo by Weelicious! 

  • Bacon Potato Frittata 9 of 14

    This Bacon Potato Frittata doesn't take much effort to make and can be on your table in just minutes! Best of all, it is loaded with BACON!


    Recipe and Photo by Barbara Bakes! 

  • Puffy Apple Cinnamon Pancakes 10 of 14

    Puffy Apple Cinnamon Pancakes aka Dutch Babies are exactly what the name describes: puffy and cinnamony. Katie makes them even more special by baking them in individual portions so you can have one (or two or three) all to yourself!


    Recipe and Photo by Mom's Kitchen Handbook! 

  • Custard Orange Vanilla Brioche French Toast 11 of 14

    Whew, that title is a mouthful! After you smell these baking, you'll be happy to have that mouthful of Custard Orange Vanilla French Toast dancing across your tastebuds!


    Recipe and Photo by Turntable Kitchen! 

  • Spinach and Egg Pizzette 12 of 14

    Who doesn't love pizza?! Pizza for breakfast feels like breaking all the rules, but this Spinach and Egg Pizzette is pretty darn healthy and quite yummy!


    Recipe and Photo by Smitten Kitchen! 

  • Chocolate, Berry, Cream Cheese Danish 13 of 14

    If this isn't the perfect recipe for that special Christmas breakfast then I don't know what is! Chocolate Berry Cream Cheese Danishes are easy to make and will feed a large crowd, or double as edible gifts for your neighbors!


    Recipe and Photo by White on Rice Couple! 

  • Kale, Sausage and Quinoa Scramble 14 of 14

    Kale, Sausage and Quinoa Scramble is a filling dish that will wow your Christmas breakfast guests! It is also quite healthy... if you excuse the sausage. Really, two power foods like kale and quinoa must cancel out the sausage, right?!


    Recipe and Photo by With Style and Grace! 

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