25 Easy Ways to Find Your Creative Joy

My friends Jennifer Louden, Marianne Elliott and I are hosting a retreat in October called Creative Joy; an intimate gathering to connect with other women, nurture our bodies and souls and discuss, discover and engage in simple yet profound experiences all in the name of Creative Joy.  As in, joy for the sake of joy.  No outcome attached except to feel joyful in a process or practice. The workshop is designed to allow for time, space and collective energy that will help feed our need for rest, rejuvenation and reflection while providing easy and gentle structure and guidance for our days together. Good food, creative and physical exercises, awesome women and a beautiful location…my body is relaxing just thinking about it.

The great thing about leading a gathering like this is that is causes you to reflect on your own life in search of all the things you’re encouraging others to find. In this case it means Creative Joy. But what’s that mean exactly? Its unique to everyone for sure but for me, it’s about engaging and enjoying a creative process of some kind just for the sake of enjoying it. Maybe it’s something that makes me feel good. Maybe it’s something that helps me express myself. Maybe it’s something that nourishes me. Or maybe it’s all of these things and more. There’s no right or wrong answers.

Over the past few weeks I have been examining my busy—and often chaotic—life to see if, where, when I practice Creative Joy myself. What I have found is that there are all kinds of ways (both big and small) that these little glimmers of Joy can be kindled and sparked. I have also found that the more I infuse my life with these things, the happier—er, joyful—I am.

If you’re saying to yourself there’s no time for creative joy or, heaven forbid, I’m not a creative person then I’m going to share with you 25 ways that you too can let your creative joy shine through. You might be surprised to find you do some of this stuff already! The object is to honor and treat yourself to more of the things that make your creative heart soar. You’ll be glad you did!

  • Enjoy the process 1 of 26
    Enjoy the process
  • Write in a journal 2 of 26
    Write in a journal
    Journals are diaries. You can write anything you want in your diary. That's the fun of it!
  • Doodle 3 of 26
    We don't get much doodle time on the computer. Get out a pen and paper and let your inner doodlebug go.
  • Make a meal 4 of 26
    Make a meal
    Many of us cook but not many of us consider it a creative act. On the contrary! Wear your chef's hat with creative pride.
  • Try a new recipe 5 of 26
    Try a new recipe
    There's great satisfaction is making or baking up something new. Treat your kitchen like your creative studio.
  • Rearrange the furniture 6 of 26
    Rearrange the furniture
    Your inner interior designer is dying to exercise her creativity. Let her express herself.
  • Decorate a shelf 7 of 26
    Decorate a shelf
    Each surface of your home offers a chance for Creative Joy. Treat them accordingly.
  • Move your body 8 of 26
    Move your body
    Stretch, walk, run, do yoga. Let your body be creative for you. It will thank you for it.
  • Dance 9 of 26
    Nothing more creative (or fun) than dancing. Do it like no one is looking!
  • Garden 10 of 26
    Tending flowers to bloom or vegetables to harvest might be the most gratifying of all creative acts.
  • Tell a story 11 of 26
    Tell a story
    You can do it right from your mobile phone with the Disney Story app. So so fun and so easy. Consider it mobile Creative Joy.
  • Sew 12 of 26
    Either by sewing machine or by hand, you can create all kinds of joy with a needle and thread.
  • Knit or Crochet 13 of 26
    Knit or Crochet
    Using your hands and finding a rhythm can be creative and soothing.
  • Paint your toenails 14 of 26
    Paint your toenails
    Pinterest is a plethora of ideas for nail painting. Have fun with it!
  • Accessorize 15 of 26
    Express yourself with your accessories.Color, texture, bling, oh my!
  • Get crafty 16 of 26
    Get crafty
    Painting, drawing, sculpture, whatever it is, let yourself do it!
  • Take pictures 17 of 26
    Take pictures
    Capture whatever catches your eye and let photography bring your joy. Your iPhone is always with you. Why not use it for Creative Joy.
  • Play an instrument 18 of 26
    Play an instrument
    Music soothes the soul. Making music takes it to a whole new joyful level.
  • Arrange flowers 19 of 26
    Arrange flowers
    Enjoy the process of arranging the flowers and you'll enjoy them later too. Win win.
  • Display art 20 of 26
    Display art
    Maybe it's art, maybe it's photography, whatever strikes your visual fancy, surround yourself with it and it will bring you joy.
  • Explore 21 of 26
    There's nothing more inspiring than nature.
  • Wander 22 of 26
    Allow yourself to wander, body and soul and you allow your Creative Joy to emerge.
  • Go to a show 23 of 26
    Go to a show
    There's something about live theater. Immerse yourself in it.
  • Dress up 24 of 26
    Dress up
    Let your creative spirit shine through your fashion sense. Get joyful with it!
  • Play 25 of 26
    No words needed. Play is the most powerful tool we've got.
  • Dream 26 of 26
    Creativity can be found in your wildest dreams. Take time to think, wish, hope and dream. The sky is the limit!

If you’d like to see how other women experience Creative Joy in their lives there’s a beautiful, complimentary e-workbook you can download. It’s a perfect way to glean insights and inspiration! Join in the exploration by using your photo skills to capture the moments in your life that bring your Creative Joy by tagging them #mycreativejoy on Instagram. And I would be remiss if I didn’t invite you to our retreat. It’s going to be wonderful—and dare I say it?—full of Creative Joy.

Do you take time or make time for Creative Joy in your life? Is there anything you would add to my list? I’m always open to more suggestions.


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