15 Festive Día de Muertos Crafts for Kids

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Over the years, Día de Muertos, or Day of the Dead, has been making its way to the United States and being embraced by all cultures. All Latin American countries celebrate Nov. 1st and 2nd as Día de Muertos or Día de los Difuntos, but most observe it as a somber day of remembrance of those that passed before us. Mexico, on the other hand, has imbued the celebration with rich symbolism and a festive environment that conceives death as a normal part of life. They also believe that those that have passed before us should be remembered with joy.

In Mexico, Day of the Dead is full of color, symbolism and rich aromas coming from the various typical foods prepared for the occasion. The belief is our muertos (deceased) will visit us during these days to enjoy the foods, drinks and objects they enjoyed in life and are left in an altar for their annual visit.

Altars adorn houses and public spaces and can get very extravagant. Marigold flowers, sugar skulls, candles, papel picado and picture frames, along with food and drinks, can be found on every altar. Each altar is its own work of art.

Día de Muertos is such a beautiful way to teach our children about something as essential as death, a topic that is often difficult to approach, but that all kids wonder about at one point or another. Embrace this holiday to teach your kids that death is nothing to be scared about and we can even be playful about it. Crafts and art are an ideal way to celebrate Día de Muertos.

Here are 15 festive and colorful Día de Muertos crafts that your kids will love doing with you.

  • 15 Festive Dia de Muertos Crafts for Kids 1 of 16
    Dia de Muertos Crafts for Kids
  • Wood Altar 2 of 16
    Dia de los muertos altar shrine

    Crafty Chica is my go-to expert on all things Day of the Dead. She recently led a workshop to teach bloggers how to make these shrines with their kids. So much personality and symbolism into one piece.

    Photo ©

  • Traditional Sugar Skulls 3 of 16
    Sugar skulls (Calaveritas) Day of the Dead/Dia de Muertos

    One of the Día de Muertos traditions in México is to give and receive sugar skulls with your name on them. It's so colorful to see the open markets filled with stands selling personalized sugar skulls. With this recipe and how-to from Ericka on SpanglishBaby your kids can have their own sugar calaverita!

    Photo ©

  • Diamond Pinatas 4 of 16
    DIY diamond piñatas for day of the dead dia de muertos

    Piñatas are a perfect craft for any celebration, but they are ideal for Día de Muertos! These mini diamond piñatas from Artelexia are easy enough to make with kids and will wow anyone.

    Photo © Artelexia

  • Paper Marigolds 5 of 16
    Paper marigold DIY Day of the Dead Dia de Muertos

    One of the main symbols of Día de Muertos is the marigold (cempazuchitl) flower. This simple DIY on SpanglishBaby is perfect to create some beautiful paper flowers with your kids to decorate your altar or use in your hair!

    Photo ©


  • Stone Sugar Skulls 6 of 16
    Stone sugar skulls day of the dead dia de muertos

    Simple stones can be transformed into beautiful and colorful calaveras like these from Alisa Burke. Pure and natural art.

    Photo © Alisa Burke


  • Mini Day of the Dead Skull Paintings 7 of 16
    Day of the Dead skull paintings diy

    Day of the Dead is definitely about color and artistic expression. Dariela shared these little skull paintings on Spoonful that will bring out the artist in your little ones for sure!


  • Spicy Chocolate Dia de Muertos Cupcakes 8 of 16
    Spicy Chocolate Dia de Muertos Cupcakes

    Chocolate is another staple item in any Día de Muertos celebration. It's a tradition to leave on your altar or shrine bits of food and drinks that your loved one enjoyed when alive. The belief is that during this one day they come back to savor what they loved. And who could refuse spicy chocolate cupcakes that look so pro with these free printable wrappers and toppings from Happy Thought?

     Photo ©

  • Popsicle Sticks Calaveras 9 of 16
    popsicle-stick-calavera-day of the dead

    The cutest and most fun calaveras get all dressed up with this craft from Ruby on SpanglishBaby.

    Photo ©


  • Cardboard Skull Mask 10 of 16
    Cardboard skull mask day of the dead dia de muertos

    I'm obsessed with Artelexia's 6o days of Day of the Dead DIY's that I might just have pinned all of them by now! This cardboard skull can liven up any space, or serve as my last-minute mask for trick-or-treating!

    Photo © Artelexia

  • Wooden Spoon Calaveras 11 of 16

    Scrumdilly-do transforms a standard wooden kitchen spoon into a cute calavera for Day of the Dead! I can see these as unique gifts for your kid to take to school or as a class activity. Don't you?

    Photo © scrumdilly-do

  • Paper Calavera Masks 12 of 16
    paper calavera masks diy day of the dead dia de muertos

    A Day of the Dead craft for any age and easy to make anywhere. All you need are paper plates, markers or paint, sticks, scissors and glue and inspire each kid to let out their inner calavera! Gear up for a Día de Muertos party with these paper calavera masks from scrumdilly-do.

    Photo © scrumdilly-do.


  • Calavera Chalkboard Vases 13 of 16
    Calavera painting chalkboard vases

    Oh, I can make these and they will live long beyond our Day of the Dead altar is dismounted. Unknown Mami created reusable calavera chalkboard vases that are so easy to make that I might just fill up my house with these with my girl's art. Yes, sweetie, you may color the vases.

    Photo © Unknown Mami

  • Sugar Skull Piñatas 14 of 16

    Now if you want the-real-deal piñata for your Day of the Dead celebration, you must create this sugar skull one from Artelexia. Now it's really a fiesta!

    Photo © Artelexia


  • Mask Craft Calaveras 15 of 16

    Luchador style masks are so typical of México, so why not have Day of the Dead inspired ones? Happy Thought offers free downloads of their calavera mask templates in many color combinations.

    Photo © Happy Thought

  • Skull Boxes 16 of 16
    craft skull box

    These mini skull boxes by Growing up Bilingual are so ideal to give as little gifts and kids will have tons of fun personalizing them.

    Photo © Growing Up Bilingual

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