15 Gorgeous Prints for Your Son’s Room

It can be hard to be inspired when decorating boy’s rooms. If you ask him what he likes, you’re very likely to hear the latest superhero craze — which will be totally uncool a few weeks from now.

That’s a total bummer.

It’s time to have some fun decorating! Don’t feel like you’ve got to stick to licensed characters when decorating your son’s room. Classic “boy” motifs with a modern twist will add a little color to his walls and give you a break from the usual cartoon characters. Save those for his t-shirts, and add a little style to his walls!

Let’s say your boy is into pirates — this poster by Letterhappy is simple and gorgeous and gently nudges your son to search for adventure — and best of all, it will still be appropriate in his teen years and beyond.

Here is a collection of unexpected and boy-friendly posters to get you inspired to think beyond the usual. What is your son into?

  • Motorcycles 1 of 15
    A touch of retro is the perfect finishing touch for the modern nursery. Vroom! Find this poster at ModernPOP
  • Giant Octopus! 2 of 15
    Giant Octopus!
    The contrast of words and the blue ocean make this simple print very striking. Find this poster at Orange Optimist
  • Pirates and owls, oh my! 3 of 15
    Pirates and owls, oh my!
    Sure the poster is cute, but the message ("be who you aargh!") is what sold me on it. Find this poster at Susana Parada
  • Skeptical Panda 4 of 15
    Skeptical Panda
    Will Panda get on the skateboard or won't he? Find this poster at Juri Romanov
  • Mister Numbers 5 of 15
    Mister Numbers
    Mustaches, ties and hats -- these numbers are quite the gentlemen! Find this poster at Lindsay Braithwaite
  • Things that go RAWR! 6 of 15
    Things that go RAWR!
    For little boys that like to RAWR! Find this poster at Erin B.
  • Retro Robot 7 of 15
    Retro Robot
    Brighten up his walls with cheery colors and this friendly robot. Find this poster at Handz
  • Letters and robots 8 of 15
    Letters and robots
    This cute robot will help your little one practice his ABCs. Find this poster at Maria Palito
  • Superhero in training! 9 of 15
    Superhero in training!
    After all, isn't every boy training to be a superhero? Make it official! Find this poster at Smitten Image
  • Frogs and Snails 10 of 15
    Frogs and Snails
    ...and puppy dog tails. Simple, sweet and graphic. Find this poster at Mary's Etsy Shop
  • Hello! 11 of 15
    How sweet would it be to wake up to this message every day? Find this poster at The Wallaroo
  • Whale Dreams 12 of 15
    Whale Dreams
    Whimsical and boyish -- a perfect print for your sea-loving son! Find this poster at Sarah Jane Studios
  • Personalized Alphabet 13 of 15
    Personalized Alphabet
    Show your boy where his name fits in the grand scheme of things. Love the graphic letters in this British design. Find this poster at On Your Wall
  • Personalized Mustache 14 of 15
    Personalized Mustache
    Simple and graphic. What's not to love? Find this poster at Baby Bird and Bub Bub
  • Come Fly With Me 15 of 15
    Come Fly With Me
    Does your son want to be a pilot? Then he'll love this poster! Find this poster at ModernPOP



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