Top 15 Most Memorable Family Moments

Years ago, when I took drivers ed, the instructor warned us about hydroplaning. That’s the phenomenon that happens when you’re driving on a wet road and a layer of water builds up between the wheels and pavement. If it happens to all the wheels at once, your car could get out of control.

Oftentimes I feel as if I am hydroplaning through life, zooming ahead and trying to get it all done, with never enough precious moments with my family.

When I look back, though, there are definitely times that stand out—ones that are embedded in the photo album of my mind, where I can so clearly picture my children’s smile, laugh or delight when we were doing something together as a family. They’re often the occasions my children remember and talk about, too.

These are among the most memorable family moments for us. What’s on your list?

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  • You’ll always remember… 1 of 15
    You'll always remember...
    …baby photo shoots, especially the ones for holiday cards. Oh, you'll remember the actual photos, of course, but the process of getting your child to smile or the baby falling asleep on the job will always stay with you.

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  • You’ll always remember… 2 of 15
    You'll always remember...
    …family game nights, whether you play Candyland, Connect 4 or Let's Jump All Over Daddy.

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  • You’ll always remember… 3 of 15
    You'll always remember...
    …family trips. Every single one. Can you recall the ones you took as a kid in explicit detail? Exactly.

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  • You’ll always remember… 4 of 15
    You'll always remember...
    …how your partner looked holding your brand-new baby and staring down in awe.

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  • You’ll always remember… 5 of 15
    You'll always remember...
    …the joy of opening presents on Christmas, Chanukah or Kwanzaa. (And you'll repress the memories of the all-nighters you and your husband pulled to wrap them.)

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  • You’ll always remember… 6 of 15
    You'll always remember...
    …family cuddles in bed.

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  • You’ll always remember… 7 of 15
    You'll always remember...
    …holiday dinners, especially when your child did something particularly unforgettable like yank the turkey off the table. Oopsie.

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  • You’ll always remember… 8 of 15
    You'll always remember...
    …holding a just-bathed tot and the sweet scent of his shampooed head (yes, you actually remember the smell). My little girl, who acts like she's 7 going on 40, still sometimes asks when she gets out of the shower, "Can you hold me like when I was a baby?" Swoon.

    Photo credit: flickr/Kourtlyn Lott
  • You’ll always remember… 9 of 15
    You'll always remember...
    …dance party in the living room! Our family does a mean Macarena.

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  • You’ll always remember… 10 of 15
    You'll always remember...
    …school performances and how darling your child looked on stage, and surely every other parent must have noticed that she was the most adorable kid in the room.

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  • You’ll always remember… 11 of 15
    You'll always remember...
    …those moments of laughing together during car rides, even if the hilarity centered around someone's supersonic fart.

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  • You’ll always remember… 12 of 15
    You'll always remember...
    …the meltdown in the parking lot/on the floor of the supermarket/at the party/wherever. It may have been suck-y at the time but someday you'll look back and long for Little Miss Impossible. Take a photo!

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  • You’ll always remember… 13 of 15
    You'll always remember...
    ...the make-you-melt sight of Grandma and Grandpa reading to the kids. Not to mention how relieved you felt: Let them read "That's Not My Bunny" for the bazillionth time.

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  • You’ll always remember… 14 of 15
    You'll always remember...
    …taco night, pancakes-for-dinner night, animal-shaped pizza night or any of the quirky dinners you enjoyed making and eating together.

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  • You’ll always remember… 15 of 15
    You'll always remember...
    …the two of you hovering over your child's bed at night like stalkers, watching her sleep, enjoying the sweet sighs and marveling at the fact that she is yours.

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