15 Ways To Use Pinecones This Holiday

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Last month I was browsing my local thrift store when I uncovered a gem – a huge shopping bag overflowing with big, sturdy pinecones. I picked it up thinking “I can always think of something to do with pinecones around the holiday!”

While that’s true, it turns out it was hard to come up with enough ideas to use up 100 pine cones on my own. So I hit Pinterest and the blogosphere in search of great ideas – and found plenty I can’t wait to try:


  • Peacock Ornament 1 of 15
    Peacock Ornament
    This adorable peacock craft is easy for little kids to make and would make a colorful addition to our tree. Source: Kid Fun Reviewed 
  • Adorable pinecone gnomes 2 of 15
    Adorable pinecone gnomes
    Can't you imagine these mini gnomes on a holiday-inspired nature table? Surprisingly simple directions at We Bloom Here.
  • Pinecone Lion 3 of 15
    Pinecone Lion
    This little lion with a pinecone mane is too adorable for words. Translate the blog post to English to find out how the artist made it. Source: Wawaya
  • Pinecone Skiers 4 of 15
    Pinecone Skiers
    Could these teeny pinecone people be any cuter? The artist doesn't give instructions, but with a little creativity, I'm thinking I could make the poor woman's version. Source: BellaDia  
  • Painted Pinecones 5 of 15
    Painted Pinecones
    These brightly-painted pinecones could add a festive and unexpected pop of color during the holiday - and year-round. Source: Ashley Ann Photography
  • Hanging Pinecones 6 of 15
    Hanging Pinecones
    If I run out of display space for all my pinecones, I can always hang 'em on a tree! Here's a simple idea from Good Housekeeping.
  • White-Dipped Pinecones 7 of 15
    White-Dipped Pinecones
    A few white-dipped pinecones give this collection a subtle lift. Source: Factory Direct Craft 
  • Pinecone Hedgehogs 8 of 15
    Pinecone Hedgehogs
    The pinecone's shape makes a perfect hedgehog. Source: Kiddley
  • Pinecone Snowy Owl 9 of 15
    Pinecone Snowy Owl
    Pipe cleaners, cotton, tacky glue and googly eyes are all it takes to make this adorable owl.
  • Pinecone place card holders 10 of 15
    Pinecone place card holders
    Welcome guests in style with these easy pinecone place card holders. Source: HGTV 
  • Pinecone Chandelier 11 of 15
    Pinecone Chandelier
    My chandelier could use a little holiday spirit. I love this idea from BHG.
  • Pinecone Topiary 12 of 15
    Pinecone Topiary
    Love this simple but pretty pinecone topiary from Kids Fun Reviewed.
  • Hanging Pinecones 13 of 15
    Hanging Pinecones
    An easy alternative to pinecone wreaths: just spray with glitter and hang up. Source: BeBehBlog 
  • Pinecone Mantel Decoration 14 of 15
    Pinecone Mantel Decoration
    A line of pinecones makes lovely, simple decor for the mantel. Source: BeBehBlog 
  • Paint-tipped Pinecones 15 of 15
    Paint-tipped Pinecones
    Pinecones tipped in bright paint: rustic and lovely!  Source: BeBehBlog

If you’re using pinecones you found outside, here’s a tip from Suzanne at BeBehBlog:

“First, bake the pinecones in the oven at 250 for 20 minutes to kill the spiders/bugs/nasty fungus stuff that might be living in them. Because nothing ruins the charming fall decor at your dinner party like poisonous spider bites as parting gifts for your guests.”

Yikes! Good tip, Suzanne! Now go forth and use those pinecones – hopefully critter-free!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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