15 Questions Your Teenager Wishes They Had The Answers To

Being a teenager isn’t bad, per se, but it really isn’t the greatest either. I suppose every age has its ups and downs, really. Teenage-dom is full of new experiences … ones that we could pretty much do without, let’s be honest here. I mean, it’s not like it’s great fun being measured for your very first bra by a well meaning but intrusive salesgirl. But there’s also the full-on meltdowns; I cried when I got my braces put on. And I cried when I got them taken off. Basically, I cried every time my orthodontist was about to buy a new car or pay his child’s school fees thanks to my teeth. And above all, there’s the feeling of I don’t know what I’m doing. We don’t know what we’re doing on the first day of high school, our first date, that time we stall seventeen times when we get our driver’s license because we can’t figure out how to drive a manual car properly.

There are many questions that we face as we go through adolescence — and here are just fifteen questions your teenager wishes they had the answer to.




  • How will I get a job after college? 1 of 14

    Seriously, like how? Who wants to hire fresh-out-of-college students who have no real experience and think they know everything because they studied it for four years? No one, that's who. Like … do you apply online? In person? Through a newspaper? Stick flyers in every mailbox of every business? 


    Related question: What do you wear to a job interview that makes you seem like a cool fun person but also older than our age and obviously mature without seeming stodgy and boring?


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  • Why does the whole world seem to hate us? 2 of 14

    Teenagers are great when you want to get out of something ("Nope, sorry, can't stay long, she has too much homework …"), when you want to one-up someone, ("Oh your child cried in the middle of the grocery store? WELL, my teenager just skipped school, is failing geometry and got a tattoo. Take that!"), or want to get in somewhere cheaply (student concession, thank you very much).


    Other than that, though, they're in age purgatory: they're too old for their whining to be cute, and they're too young to act like responsible adults.   


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  • How will my life work out? 3 of 14

    Will it work out how I want it to? Will I achieve my dreams and my goals? Will I be happy? Will I find "the one"? Will I be successful? If only we had a crystal ball ... 


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  • Why isn’t everyone else as socially awkward as I am? 4 of 14

    You'd be hard pressed to find a teenager that doesn't call themselves socially awkward. I don't know what it is, but we're awkward around other people. It's something about the lack of self-confidence, combined with the feeling of everyone judging us, combined with the feeling of needing to make small talk, combined with the question of, "Is my deodorant working?" or "Did they notice I only shaved half my legs today?" or "Am I sounding like an idiot?" that makes us socially awkward.


    Oh, and also the pressure to keep a conversation going, rather than just not replying when someone sends us a boring text. 


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  • If I pretend Santa is real for a few more years, will I get more presents? 5 of 14

    After all, Santa may know when you're sleeping and when you're awake, but does he know when you're really believing and when you're being fake? 


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  • Why aren’t my Friday/Saturday nights like the movies? 6 of 14
    cinderella story

    Where's my fancy Upper East Side masquerade balls where I mistakenly kiss Chace Crawford?  Where's my sleepover scavenger hunt which includes stealing the boxers of the boy who I have a crush on? Why aren't I spending my Friday nights tracking down criminals and solving cases?


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  • How lazy can I be around the house without getting in to trouble? 7 of 14

    The eternal question. Like, can I vacuum while sitting on a chair and reading a book at the same time? Can I leave my clothes on my bed so I don't have to open the closet and actually look for them? Can I fold my laundry while sitting on the couch and watching Modern Family?


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  • How can I convince my parents that school is out today? 8 of 14

    Oh my word, sometimes school is just so much effort. It's too much effort to get out of bed, eat breakfast, get dressed, go to school, deal with high school drama and then do homework. 


    After all, staying in bed all day and "studying" will be much more productive than actually going to school and ... learning stuff. 


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  • Why is it wrong to stay in my pajamas all day? 9 of 14

    I'm sorry, but I really don't understand why this is wrong. It's not like I'm going out, or anyone is coming over, or anyone is actually going to see me in my pajamas. They're still clothes. They're just extra comfy clothes that encourage me to spend my day watching Will & Grace reruns on my laptop in bed while drinking cup-a-soup out of my Louis from One Direction mug. 


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  • Where is all my money going? 10 of 14

    Yeah, I know that I went and saw Catching Fire and then went out for Subway, and then I bought a new dress and went and saw Frozen and then bought an iTunes card, and then I went out for dinner and then my debit card got declined when I tried to buy a new pair of shoes because of insufficient funds which is totally like a mistake, because, like, seriously, I really don't know where my money has gone. It totally didn't cost that much. Obviously it's the bank's fault.


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  • What’s with all these pimples? 11 of 14

    Tonight, my friend and I each had a prominent pimple on our faces, which we both wanted to cover up with a Disney princess band-aid and pretend that we really didn't have a pimple, and instead had a pimple-sized gash from a tree branch that had hit us while we were rescuing a kitten from a tree during a very dangerous twelve horse stampede. 


     We didn't, of course, because, um a) who would believe that story, and b) I was out of Disney princess band-aids.


    Pimples are the bane of a teenager's existence, and there's few things more annoying (in the life of a teenager that is) when you wake up with a pimple on the very day that you wanted to look good. 


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  • Will my date notice that my palms are clammy? 12 of 14

    I remember, on my very first date in which I held a boy's hand, either his hand or my hand was sweaty, and I was hoping that it was his, and if it was mine, he would think it was his. Mostly, I just hoped he wouldn't be repulsed, and I wanted a break in the hand holding to wipe off the sweat, but I didn't want to be rude and break off the hand holding, and if there is a break in the hand holding, how do I surreptitiously wipe off the sweat without it being obvious?


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  • How does everyone seem to have their whole lives sorted? 13 of 14

    It seems like everyone knows how to be successful in the world, how to make their goals and dreams come true, and how to make their life turn out exactly how they want it. 


    I envy this, because I have big dreams and very little idea how everyone has somehow (it appears) made their dreams come true, and have their lives suddenly sorted, while I'm just like, spending my days watching Friends re-runs at the gym and saying, "No, I'm sorry, we're sold out of The Book Thief" a thousand times a day at work. I have no idea how to make my dreams come true. I choose to have faith that they will come true, and I will somehow make them happen, but at this point in my life? I have absolutely no idea how to do that. 


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  • What do you mean, there is such a thing as too much caffeine? 14 of 14

    I don't drink soda — but I love coffee. Love it. Adore it. Had to have it every day before school, even though my homemade version of a mocha was sticking a chocolate into a cup of coffee and hoping it melted. (FYI, it doesn't, and it tastes disgusting). A few weeks ago, I started work at 6am, and I had a minor freak out that there would be no where open at that time which would sell good coffee. 


    When I went to France on a school trip, we got so little sleep every day that Red Bull replaced water — there were so many cans of Red Bull in two of the girls' hotel rooms, that they built a floor-to-roof replica of the Eiffel Tower out of them. 


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