15 Silly, Happy, Heartwarming Reasons To Be Thankful For Our Kids

It’s that time of year to get all warm and fuzzy about the stuff we’re thankful for in life. As parents, of course, we’re eternally grateful for our kids. Except when they have epic meltdowns in the supermarket, blow their noses on your sleeve, tell us we are the worst moms in the whole wide world and glare at us and, well, OK, we’re not grateful for our children every single second because we are not Mother Teresa. But there are so many everyday ways they rock our lives. These are ones that top my list.

  • Give thanks for… The wonder kids remind you of 1 of 15

    Their fascination with fingerpaint—or the box the fingerpaint came in. Their utter and total awe of the leaves they pick up when you're walking oustide. Their glee over that wonder of technology, the hole puncher. Kids have a way of making even those of us who own every iGadget known to mankind see the world with a fresh new perspective.


    Image source: JOPHIELsmiles

  • Give thanks for… How forgiving kids are of your culinary skills 2 of 15

    It basically doesn't matter what you make, as long as it can be played with. 


    Image source: Flickr/Lars Plougmann

  • Give thanks for… Kids’ sleep faces 3 of 15

    Is there anything more heartwarming than tip-toeing into your kids' rooms at night, listening to their sighs and staring at their sweet little faces? So what if they behaved like devil kids that day; they have once again morphed into angels.  


    Image source: Flickr/Andrew Stawarz

  • Give thanks for… Those "I want Mommy!" moments 4 of 15

    Not Daddy. You. They want you to make things all better. And suddenly, your entire mommy existence is validated. Apologies, Daddy. 


    Image source: flickr/Thomas Pavlick

  • Give thanks for… All the money you save on decorating 5 of 15

    Really, there's no need to blow big bucks at Pottery Barn when entire rooms can be designed by Toys 'R Us. 


    Image source: Flickr/LizaWasHere

  • Give thanks for… The kisses. Oh, the kisses. 6 of 15

    Little pecks. Big, slurpy, wet kisses. Open-mouth kisses. Sticky lollipop-mouth kisses. Kisses on your brows, your nose, your chin. Forever kisses, the kind where they press your lips to your cheek and forget to let go. The surgeon general hasn't yet determined that kisses are good for your health, but you so know they are.


    Image source: Flickr/shawnzrossi

  • Give thanks for… How great kids look in EVERY single photo 7 of 15

    You may regularly delete unflattering photos of yourself from your camera or un-tag Facebook pictures because of the slightest hint of a double chin, but kids just can't take a bad shot. This you know, because you have taken eleventy billion of them.


    Image source: Andi Sligh/Bringing The Sunshine


  • Give thanks for… Living out your fashion fantasies 8 of 15

    While you're in yoga pants every day, your kid looks like she stepped out of the pages of a catalog. Ironic, because she is the very reason for said yoga pants (curse you, baby weight!) but wow, she sure is styling. 


    Image source: Flickr/Sydney Treasures Photography

  • Give thanks for… Baby blubber 9 of 15

    Those drumstick thighs. The creased wrists and ankles that look like they have invisible rubber-bands wrapped around them. The folds on their neck. So hard not to nibble.


    Image source: Flickr/nathansnostalgia 

  • Give thanks for… Being a laugh riot 10 of 15

    Perhaps you can't remember jokes to save your life or you've never been the life of the party but the second you make a funny face at your child or say something in a silly voice, you are The Funniest Person Ever Ever Ever.


    Image source: Flickr/Urban Hippy Love

  • Give thanks for… Mini political pawns 11 of 15

    Who's gonna argue with a baby?  


    Image source: Flickr/BabiesForObama

  • Give thanks for… no judgment! 12 of 15

    Kids don't care if you skip the bath, neglect to cut their nails or forget to trim their bangs yet again because you're just.too.tired. In fact, it makes them rather happy. 


    Image source: Flickr/thejbird

  • Give thanks for… Endless conversation fodder 13 of 15

    Babies: Great for blogging material, endless laughs with friends and a (mostly) safe topic of discussion with your MIL. 


    Image source: Robert Scoble

  • Give thanks for… The joys of redisovering your childhood faves 14 of 15

    Reading the books you loved as a child (Goodnight Moon! Curious George Rides A Bike!), playing favorite games (Connect Four! Trouble!) and showing your daughter how to do Miss Mary Mack makes you feel like a kid all over again. Take that, under-eye bags.


    Image source: Flickr/molly_darling

  • Give thanks for… Bedtime 15 of 15

    Because no matter how much you adore your kids, the moment they go to sleep is somehow always the most wonderful time of the day. Thank you, children. Thank you! And: Sleep tight. 


    Image source: Flicker/Manda

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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